Wednesday , November 25 2020

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NEW DEATH: Eight residents of the old Villa Skaar Valstad residence have been killed by coronaviruses. Photo: Terje Bringedal

Another resident of the old Skaar Valstad nursing home has been killed by coronavirus. With the eighth death, 15 residents have remained in the nursing home.

On Sunday evening Villa Skaar Valstad reported that the 80-year-old woman had died at the Eidsvoll nursing home.

The eighth resident of the nursing home has died.

– It is a completely extreme situation for the group of residents and the relatives of those who live there, who are worried. It is also very difficult for the staff who work there. Municipal doctor Carl Magnus Jensen tells VG that it is very hard.

It became clear this week that 22 of the 23 residents have been diagnosed with a crown infection. With the eighth death, 15 residents remain in the nursing home, the mayor said. There is still a neighbor who has not been diagnosed with the infection.

Municipal chief physician Carl Magnus Jensen said the situation is extreme for groups of residents, relatives and staff working in the nursing home. Photo: Terje Bringedal

According to the council, 24 employees have also tested positive for the virus.

– It’s sad for relatives, staff and everyone. The municipality of Eidsvoll sends warm thoughts to families, the municipal official concluded.

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The mayor of Eidsvoll, John-Erik Vika, says a lot of work is being done to look after those in the nursing home.

– The situation is dire. I send all my thoughts to the relatives and staff of Villa Skaar in the middle of this.

– Unfortunately it is not a surprise when it affects a group that is in a risk zone. When people are in a nursing home, it’s because they’re bad, and so it can have serious consequences, he says.

There have been appearances at the nursing home since Nov. 11.

– The challenge is when the virus is left working without knowing it is there. Even if you run a habit of controlling the infection, it is almost impossible to predict. That’s so scary.

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