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The best weather was in Dyrepark


Less than 4,000 visitors were missing Kristiansand Dyrepark passed millions of years ago. Thus, the park received more than 50,000 visitors in 2017. However, the decline was weaker.

Weather is a blame. Continuous glorious sun and warmth from May to August, the park's guests spend more time in the park than the zoo itself.

– That's it. The offer is wider and wider in the park, and the margin for guests at a water park is lower, said Lasse Tønnessen Finance Director.

– On the other hand, the water park shows the good product for the zoo as a component, since it is an excellent weather. If you did not have a water park, the doors were internal times smaller, he says.

Parking and camping betting

Visitors of the southernmost tourist of Norwegian forest are the animals in the park, Captain Sabeltann is the main reason for the second good and Hakkebakkeskogen is the third place, along with Kardemomme.

– This year's captain is making a major renovation and upgrade to the world of Sabel. In addition, we will install a supplementary safari with 19 camps to complete the offer. At first, it will be a test, where we want to see that this type of market offer is, Tønnessen explains.

The animal park also has its own hotel, a rental apartment in the hacker of Abra Havn, and a small house in the Kardemomme village. In addition, the zoo was recently awarded the operational responsibility of the Roligheden Camping Kristiansand center.

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