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The leader of Nortura does not need any achievement


"Thanks to the great and sharp changes that Kolberg has made over the past few years, I am very grateful for the 20 years of senior management and the last five CEO," says Trine Hasvang Vaag, adding:

"But lately, the arrow keys are too much in the wrong direction, and we do not wait for significant improvements for a long time. This change is now seen by this board, says Trine Hasvang Vaag in a message.

It can receive three early mills.

According to the announcement, Norton did not get the expected results. The Council and Kolberg therefore pledged.

According to the 2017 annual report, the CEO receives a 12-month salary when the employment relationship is over. Kolberg's salary in 2017 was three million chroner.

Great drop in operating profits

Nortura has not yet yielded results in the third quarter, but the results of the second quarter showed that profits from operations fell by 132 million NOK in 2003.

Afterwards, profit utilization was 27 million less. In the second quarter (4 months), Nortura eliminated 135 million chroner earnings before gaining a previous tax.

It produces and sells company sauces, meat dough and egg, chicken and bacon chops.

In the second quarter, operating income fell mainly due to expenditure linked to the future obligations of conversion and donations, but also to the drop in sales.

"We have a unique opportunity to make our company strong and profitable, owners, strong brands and skilled employees. We will now turn our eyes on this path," says President Vaag.

Your right and obligation to do something about it

The vice president and CEO, Hans Thorn Wittussen, joins the temporary general manager, and he has just started to find a new director at Nortura.

Outgoing CEO Arne Kristian Kolberg reported:

"I have been grateful for the past few years and have been very grateful for the success and the duty of the Council to achieve the expected results, I respectfully respect them, and I want the best team.(Conditions)Copyright Dagens Næringsliv AS and / or our providers. We want to share our affair through a link directly to our pages. Any other copy of content or any other part of the content may be authorized by written authorization or by law. For more terms, see here.

When the DN commentary saw the announcement of the "Black Friday" announcement, he went directly to the office and set up the calculator.

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