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The TV 2 presenter removed silicone

On January 11 this year, Sophie Elise Isachsen left the knife and eliminated the silicone insertions of the 18th anniversary of 2012.

– I had a hundred per cent to be sure of the month before, he told TV 2 that he was visiting Good Morning Norway in "Sophie Elise's world" season.

A 24-year-old television program was safe and comfortable to realize without silicone in his body.

– When we started dancing, it was very far away. I thought, "I will never do that."

He was inspired

But the competition started to spin. After talking to Dorthe Skappel, we dance to the corridors, the blogger is increasingly convinced.

– For several years I have thought that your stomach and exercise is a lie, for example. But I thought I should not get rid of it, I was happy because I started dancing.

– I talked to Dorthe Skappel with the same experience, and I was very inspired. And then, when I saw my dances, I thought that my mother had not dressed so small.

Isassi said that he needed tits and silicones to feel the wife and the gift. He was afraid of self-confidence, he was excited about silicone tips.

– The operation carried out has confirmed what I thought. I am sure that I am not because of myself or not.

Topless front

This week natt og Dag is looking topless forums on the front page. Images after the operation.

– I was nervous beforehand. I'm not sure I'm trying to be able to undress in front of the camera, as I did before, he says, and continues:

– But I felt super-sexy. Then I realized I never looked at them. I had 20 kilos of heavier clothes and little clothes. And now I did not get upset. Then I know I like something real
Because I'm doing it and my self-confidence. Everything else is independent.

"Fuck, it seems terrifying"

– Do you totally refuse to take silicone again?

– Yes. I will never do it again. I was confident that I would take it again a bit less. But now; Zk

– What was your first thought after the operation?

– It was "Fuck, it's really good." I looked at Krudelki, I thought, but it seemed worse than ever. There was a lot of skin and nothing inside. The skin was everywhere. There were tits inside there, the skin was almost hanging on the navel, he felt.

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