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The winner of the 2020 Bookstore Award is Tore Renberg for “Tollak til Ingeborg” – VG


DARK: Tore Renberg gained melancholy and rage when he wrote about Tollak in a book in which Norwegian booksellers voted as the winners of the Bookstore Award. Photo: Signe Christine Urdal

Norwegian booksellers have spoken: Tore Renberg (48) has written the best book this year and won the Bookstore Award in 2020.

Tore Renberg has won the Book Shop Award for the novel “Shop Tollak til Ingeborg” in intense competition with authors such as Lars Mytting, Karl Ove Knausgård, Maja Lunde and Zeshan Shakar.

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– My God, yes, it’s amazing! I decided the competition was too tough. 2020 has been a hopeless year for everyone, but it’s been a really tough year for literature for us, says Tore Renberg on Stavanger’s phone.

The VG reviewer gave 6 dice rolls enthusiastically to the film “Tollak til Ingeborg” and wrote, “Herre jemini, Tore!”.

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He has reflected on what the country’s bookstores are up to this year’s winner as they vote for Tollak’s book about the old, angry and controversial.

– Tolla leads a vendetta against almost the present and a contentious fight over everyone around him and all the fights. But it actually has more to do with the spirit of the time than I thought. Among other things, there is an angry man in the United States who refuses to give up, refuses to laugh, refuses to lose.

– So you say Tolla is similar to Trump?

– Jeje, njei. But there is something in men and that bitter rage that many have. The book becomes a kind of study of anger, sadness, pride, stubbornness, and violence in male talent. At the same time, Tollake has the ability to love and the deep sorrow – and I think that duality is familiar to many.

Ble deppa

He ended up in a rather dark place while writing a novel about Tollak, an old man about to die, but he has a cruel secret that he must tell before he leaves this world.

– Yes, it is dark, and I am an author who allows me to be very heavily contaminated with my material. When I write about the Hillevåg gang, their energy expands in me, and when I write about this fighting man, it affects me.

“I’ve got melancholy and rage, and it’s a bad place to be.” It’s a sign that I’m working well for myself, but my wife sometimes asks, “Have you been with Tollak today?” I was devastated, in fact, Renberg thanks Hilde for bringing his wife into his daily life all the time.

WINNER SECOND TIME: In 2008, Renberg won the bookstore award for his film “Charlotte Isabell Hansen”. Thus, along with Kristian Kristiansen, Roy Jacobsen, Erik Fosnes Hansen, Lars Saabye Christensen and Per Petterson, he is the sixth author to receive the award twice. Photo: Marie von Krogh

– She works in psychiatry and has a great way to deal with it. If possible, with a smile and a little smallness, he jokes with me and says that I need to get out into the world again: “You have children, wife, mother” and things like that. It reminds me of the community I have, but Tolla doesn’t, Renberg says and points out.

– In that sense, it’s interesting to have this award for the blackest book of the ten! But now my readers say they will still love Tolls. And then I think about the benefits of literature. It allows us to understand other people.

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Literature was the salvation

Tore Renberg decided to become a writer as a young boy, and he doesn’t think he gave up on the dream, even though he was rejected by major publishers for seven years in a row.

– I can hardly explain it, but my will was very strong. I was naive to think that I would do it while I practiced enough. So after going to school and riding a bike and traveling with friends, I went home and wrote poems and stories. And I rejected both when I was 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 years old.

There was something else behind all the attempts. Education with family unrest and intoxication.

– I wanted to write everything. It was a kind of desperate attempt to understand why people hurt each other so much. So for me it has always been a personal and private starting point for writing.

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– Literature was a lifeline, Renberg points out.

– Not meat with mother

In both last year’s “No time to lose” and this year’s novel, he writes about old protagonists.

– I am 48 years old now, and I have a completely different perspective than those who are 70, 80 and 90 years old now. A different way of understanding what aging is. Think about all the changes that are happening so fast now, it’s almost impossible for the elderly to keep up. I saw my mom go to a parking machine to put money in, but then that parking machine wants to click on an app on her phone to pay. It annoys and upsets me when I don’t understand what to do and maybe when I drive without parking from there.

– Not meat with my mother, I want to scream. Think how tiring and insulting it must be; everything you can, everything you read, everything is taken away from you. And they are represented by applications.

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Therefore, Renberg thought: What if one of them says no, I disagree with this.

– As Tolla says in the novel: “I am Tolla for Ingeborg. I am from the past. I have no intention of finding my place anywhere else. “

Celebrating the Corona-style bookstore award will be to share a sparkling bottle with the aforementioned wife, or as Renberg says:

– «Kava kånårekin»! So for me, it’s all about sitting down when they go to school and work – and think about it: OK, we’ll need another 25 years later, says Renberg, who is celebrating his 25th birthday as a writer this year.

Psst! «Tollak to Ingeborg »er in fact, the first new book to win the Bookstore Award since Tarjei Vesaas won the 1967 film “The Bridges.”

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