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Two months later, after the death of Sena (40), they were taken to Meham

POLITICS: The image shows the detention of two people. Photo: VG TIPS

Two men are arrested and murdered after a 40-year-old man killed on Saturday in Meham. They are three foreigners who participate.

The police informs the police in a press release at 16:45.

Earlier today, police have reported that a detainee is a man who dies at the age of 30. Now another man will be charged with murder.

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Men (40) filmed and killed Mehamn – responsible for murder

– We still do not have sufficient knowledge about the case. Two will be tested today and probably tomorrow. So we expect enough knowledge to adjust or confirm enough of the charge, says Sheriff Tarjei in Leinan Mathies, Porsanger Sheriff District, VG Saturday afternoon.

– Both are closely related in this case the best solution at this time.

He must ask forgiveness on Facebook

One of the defendants will publish on Saturday morning on their Facebook page asking for forgiveness of the text.

iFinnmark has translated text into pages in Facebook in a foreign language. On a Saturday morning text, the man did not mean that he wanted to empty it.

– We know about Facebook and we have secured it, but we can not comment on that content, says Tarjei Leinan Mathiesen Sheriff at Porsanger in NTB.

"Everyone on Facebook and the people involved is important in research," he continues.

The relationship between the deceased and the accused

According to the police, there is a relationship between the deceased and the accused, but the police do not want to know the relationship they want.

– They both know each other. They know each other, says the sheriff.

40-year-old men were found injured in a housing estate in the downtown area of ​​Meham after a man filed a message on Saturday 05.27 in the morning.

"First aid and revival attempts were given, but man's life was not saved and he was called dead" wrote in a press release on Saturday morning written by the police.

The police are reporting abroad through Kripos. Until the relatives are formally informed, the police do not want to confirm what countries they are going to enter.

This information is also required of those involved in foreign enforcement agencies.

Arrested police arrest

On Saturday morning, two were arrested.

– It happened in a home-made building in Gamvik. The detainees stayed home. When the armed police arrived, they both went out and volunteered, said the sheriff.

POLICY: A 40-year-old man was killed on Saturday in the center of Meham in Finnmark. Photo: Tip

The police want to retire from Monday to midnight.

Police officers are conducting technical investigations. Kripos is asking for help in field technical research is important, he says, the press release says.

There are still many polls and tactics to complete the impression of police on the route of events, the police said.

The accused will be accused but has not yet done so.

On Saturday, only one man died.

– Of course we had information based on it. We will work to clarify its roles, says the sheriff.

He walked in the pit

The policemen believe that the two detainees were gambling near Saturday at the Gamvik Village on Saturday at 6:00 p.m.

The police carried out comprehensive research in technical and tactical research. The scene is safe and the forensic investigations will be carried out immediately.

The deceased autopsy will take place in Tromsø.

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