Monday , November 29 2021

Victim of the serious attack – two men were arrested


On Tuesday night, a man in his 20s was attacked and police are reportedly facing what he considers to be serious violence in Setermoen, Bardu municipality.

The two men identified as the perpetrators left the place in a car. The car finally stopped in Heian, Balsfjord, about 60 kilometers away. Here, the men – in their twenties and thirties, respectively – were arrested.

The victim has been treated by health services. A case is emerging, with Troms police writing on Twitter before 1 p.m. Wednesday night.

Emergency driven

According to Jørgen Ahlquist Troms, head of police district operations, the episode does not appear to have been unexpected.

– We have information that there must be something behind this. Exactly what it is, I can’t say anything now, he tells Nordlys.

He noted that the victims were the ones who contacted the police. He was then taken to the Setermoen emergency room. Ahlquist does not know if they were transported farther away for further treatment.

Beyond that, he is currently reluctant to comment on the case. He also does not want to go into further detail when the police put it in the term “gross violence”.

– At the moment we don’t want to say much about it, because some interrogations have to be done, says the person in charge of the operation.

Police “acquaintances”

– Do you have control over everyone involved?

– Some witnesses are missing. Before we talk to them, we don’t want to come up with so much information, Ahlquist replied.

The men arrested since then have been taken to the Tromsø police station. Police have described both as “known” from previous relationships.

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