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A thesis developed in the urine achieves a therapeutic virus to induce cancer-resistant immune response

Posted on 02/27/2019 2:22:33 PMCET


A doctoral thesis at the University of La Rioja has developed a therapeutic (preventive) contra-cancer vaccine that can provide immune response. That is, it produces antibodies capable of recognizing the presence of animal tumors.

Iris Alicia Bermejo Ruiz obtains a PhD degree with the UR, according to the thesis. Tn based on the structure of glucopetides with non-natural antigens and the design based on the application of the cancer vaccine and diagnostic application, achieved "cum laude" with a national high score.

Directed by Dr. Jesús Manuel Peregrin and Francisco Corzana, with the Department of Chemistry of the University of La Rioja, the Iris Bermejo doctoral research fund was funded by the Spanish Association for the Cancer against Cancer (AECC)


Generally, anti-cancer treatments (radios and chemotherapy) have side effects, not only tumors, but also surrounding tissues.

The Iris Bermejo doctoral research aimed to treat treatment and anti-cancer detection as soon as possible with immunotherapy, through which the individual's immune system is capable of detecting and destroying tumor cells, without affecting the effects of fear.

In particular, Bermejo responds that he analyzes the structure of the two substances that generate immune response, called Tn antigens, as a part of a protein that is responsible for cell protection.

In healthy cells, these Tn antigens are cut by complex carbohydrates and invisible to the immune system. On the other hand, tumor cells cause enzymatic diseases and the body's immune response.

This type of antibody is directly related to the development of certain types of cancers. Therefore, knowing the structure of this type of antigens is essential for improving interaction with molecules of biological interest, such as antibodies.

This study has designed the design of new antigens that obtains chemical synthesis in the laboratory for greater affinity for antibodies in the body of people with cancer.

Together with them, a vaccine therapeutic vaccine that can cause immune response (not preventive) has been prepared. The tumors present in these animals produce antibodies. These tests were carried out in the company INYCOM.

In conclusion, Iris Bermejo's PhD thesis outlines the structure of Tn antigens and how they interact with antibodies to design antigens more effective and efficient than natural antigens.

However, there is no vaccine of this kind in the clinical phase of humans and the long process and the goals of this PhD research exceeds.


Since 2014, the Spanish Association for Cancer against La Rioja (AECC) has fully distributed it for Women's Career Cancer Research. The funds obtained during that year served to finance Iris Bermejo's doctoral research; Contributions of 18,000 euros for 2016 and 2016 and 20,000 euros in 2017. Total, 56,000 euros.

In 2019, the IV AECC Rioja The collection of women's races will be supported by two doctoral fellowships between 2018 and 2021 at the University of La Rioja and CIBIR, and the Barcelona Biomedical Research Institute (IRB) project.

These contributions are considered by the Association of Spanish Communities (AECC) of Cancan ("AECC"), "it is a research lifestyle, because every day the research moves hearts, strengths and enthusiasm, it is a team effort."

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