Saturday , February 4 2023

Antidepressants consumption grows in the UK after "brexit"


Although this discovery is open to different interpretations, the researchers have increased the precariousness of some of the British population sectors after voting on the European block.

"Once the daily defined dosage (DDD) has been calculated, the results showed a responsible response to the increase in the prescription of antidepressants, but be careful to determine the need for more studies in the short term, referendum and mental health," said the researchers.

Based on the hypothesis that most important social events could affect mental health in the nation, the research concluded that "brexit" could have short-term effects on the British population.

To this end, researchers have compared the official prescription data of antidepressants in 326 UK voting areas, while other drugs will not be affected by stroke.

These included muscle relaxants, medications for treating anemia, gout, diabetes or thyroid, and others to reduce blood glucose and fats.

Specifically, 2011 and 2016 July recipes were studied in order to determine the immediate effects of the referendum results.

Data analysis has shown that before the referendum, the antidepressant increased DDD year-on-year, like diabetes, gout, anemia, and fat and a glucose reduction prescription in the blood

However, the month after the referendum, antidepressants have increased DDD, although at a slower pace, and other drugs after a period of growth.

According to the authors of the study, in times of uncertainty, mental health care policies should be increased.

"Political leaders, based exclusively on the influence of economics or immigration, can undermine" brexit "costs, excluding changes in psychological well-being that may result in economic performance and social cohesion". EFE


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