Monday , November 29 2021

Beto Ortiz mocks young people killed in national march: “Those who die when they explode are Bryans” | SHOWS


Beto Ortiz two young people who died last Saturday were mocked by Inti Sotelo Camargo and Bryan Pintado. The journalist read the introduction to his Willax session, becoming a trend and being condemned on social media.

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“Why don’t I share the celebration of the supposed return of democracy and legitimacy? Because, once again, in this Peruvian-style democracy, Bruce, Cisneros or De Belaúnde are not dying; They are the cannon fodder of all the wars in Peru. “, he began his program.

Accordingly Beto Ortiz, “Bryans” are those “soldiers” who fought in the Cenepa War and the Shining Way and the MRTA.

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“Those who marched in the squares offered a minute’s silence, those who asked them to come out for ideals like the disturbed Julio Guzmán, they put on their sad faces in some crowded areas of Lima, greet relatives, give a few words to the press and return to them jatazo in his truck, and nothing happened here “

In the end Beto Ortiz Bryan Pintado mocked comments on social media mentioning that they will not forget.

“Will anyone remember them for a month or a year?”, he concluded.

The words of Beto Ortiz talking about the two who died last Saturday in March became highly questionable as Twitter became the main trend on Twitter.

Beto Ortiz mocked the dead in the marches. (Willax)


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