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Binance would prepare a new leverage service | CriptoNews

Binance should be willing to provide its clients with a new loan service so that users can make a money order for the transaction.

du information, posted on March 22, indicates that the identified sources are It is in the initial phase of the project, so it may not be immediately developed. Add that cryptobolsa The original token of the platform, BNB, should be considered as part of the process of using the new service.

The CryptoNews company's spokeswoman has asked for comments, without having answered this statement at the time. However, Reddit user he paid attention The March 20 public announces the changes to the Binance API. The latest update reports He is working to establish margins trading.

User He explained a week before the API – which currently includes two additional boolean variables. These variables that enable or disable the function are related to official documentation published by GitHub companies.

It is the name of the first variable added isSpotTradingAllowed (it allows for money trading), andit's the second one isMarginTradingAllowed (Permit trading. Although the second variable is deactivated, for 482 operation pairs, it suggests that the Binance service will be implemented in the future.

Company idea This seems to be aimed at this project to make money easier for borrowers to operate, Be able to perform operations within the platform. This practice process involves a specific type of negotiation, which requires the immediate availability of funds to increase the returns obtained from the purchase and sale of cryptondes.

Leverage allows you to obtain profits derived from the increase in cryptic price, but There is no danger of being excluded Due to large losses, cryptocurrency. Currently, other crypto bags, such as Kraken, Bitfinex and BitMex, offer different types of leverage. merchants professionals

In Binance, the difference is believed to be mainly aimed at an inexperienced masseur, who wants to offer the service.

This type Services are not usually seen by regulators, due to the risks involved. In the United States, due to regulatory requirements, the preceding one is Poloniex. it had to be eliminated Its marginal offer and loan products at the end of 2018.

If this project is carried out, Binance will continue to follow the expansion strategy that followed in the last few months, including the launch of new products, including Binance Launchpad. Among these plans, your token use will be used to reduce commissions offer Those who try their new platform as Binance DEX awards.

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