Wednesday , December 8 2021

Elite: This is what actress Danna Paola said about returning to youth drama with the name Lucrecia


Elite drama series for young people on Netflix Mexican actress and singer Danna Paola starred as Lucrecia in her first three seasons as an actress. Season 4 of the hit Spanish series is still missing and all fans know that his character will not be there. But, would the actor be willing to come back someday? He said:

Transmission platform Netflix, will present the 4th season of the youth drama series of Spanish origin, Elite, which has certainly been one of the biggest successes of the streaming giant in recent years.

Danna Paola is now a dedicated musician

All the fans appeared happy Danna Paola In the first three seasons of Elite, Lucrecia’s role was “bad”. For the quality of the actor, Paola won the hearts of many viewers around the world.

After broadcasting Elite Season 3, some of the main actors left the Netflix series. He will return to drama with his almost new season 4 actor.

And as everyone knows, the role of Lucrecia in the Elite section was highlighted until season 3 as the actor left the Netflix drama only as he had just dedicated his career to singing.

However, despite immersing herself in her singing career, Lucrecia’s Elite performer doesn’t rule out a return to the Netflix series. Maybe for season 5?

Will Danna Paola return to the Elite?

In that sense, Danna Paola would be “very happy to be back” if there were more Elite seasons. He admitted this when the Mexican actor was interviewed by Rating Cero:

“The elite remain a part of my life, as did Lucrecia. Although I’m not here this season, I would be very happy to be back if there are more. “

Elite fans can look forward to the new season 4 to continue the success of the previous episodes. If Season 5 comes, there will be plenty of opportunities to return to the joy of Danna Paola fans.

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