Thursday , December 9 2021

Exchange rate: This is how the dollar costs this Tuesday, November 17th


The price of the dollar continues this Tuesday morning, November 17th S / 3,667 at the interbank level.

Yesterday Bloomberg stated this The US currency rose by around 0.62% In the Peruvian market, and for 18 years it remains at its highest price.

Weekly session closed in the midst of the political crisis with volatile results, and while Congress is waiting to decide who is in charge of the presidency.

With this result, there is a 10.95% increase in the Peruvian market, according to the Central Reserve Bank (BCR).

In Thursday’s session, banks recorded an average price for S / 3.59 for purchases and S / 3.71 for sales.

For their part, those who change money bought a dollar for a dollar it sold an average of S / 3.64 and S / 3.68.

It should be remembered that this morning the green dollar is not yet showing any change in the Peruvian market, however the price will change at the time the exchange session starts at approximately 9:00 am today.

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