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How is Orion going to return to NASA Moon and the spacecraft he wants to conquer Mars?



Orion has more space to reach Moon, Mars and other places.

A new space age begins.

Or at least NASA believes it.

After more than four decades after the last earth in the moonlight, the United States is preparing to return to the moon for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) … and beyond.

OrionThe ship designed jointly with the European Space Agency will be a "painful" journey to discover the "deep space" cosmos of Mars and the "hidden places".

And after several tests, the capsule received the last operative momentum received on Friday: the module designed by Airbus will offer electricity, propulsion, thermal control, air and water.

NASA is the first time that a device is built in Europe As a critical element in the driving of the Nuclear Space in the United States, experts say that it is "in international cooperation space", but also in the magnitude of the project.


NASA hosted the module created by the European Space Agency on Friday.

According to the US public space agencies, though initially an unmanned mission by Orion, though it would not only allow cosmonauts to move into space, but also allow Mars expeditions, it went beyond the Moon.

Despite the fact that there is no initial accuracy on the first expedition, it will happen at the beginning of the 2020s.

The head of the European Space Agency, Jan Worner, believes that "it will be a new way to travel in space" and "new types" return to the Moon.

When the expedition is finished, it will be Orion Since arriving more than half a century later, the man is planning to transport the crew that arrives.

Orion, space for hunters

NASA plans to design, produce and test spacecraft that plans to start this new age, a long and sharp one.

The original idea was created in 2011 Constellation project, With the idea of ​​returning George W. Bush's idea to the moon, with the budget of Barack Obama's arrival.

However, NASA continued its capsule development.

Initial projects Orion took six missions in its mission, four times its number, and built one of its two major modules with ESA (on Friday it was Friday at Kanabera).


The ship consists of two modules, one of which is manufactured in Europe.

According to the NASA description, a five-meter diameter, 21-tonne capsule design features basic elements from the Apollo command-line, the famous moon-light warships between 1969 and 1972.

However, this space agency will enable Orion's technology and capabilities to provide more advanced and sustainable space missions.

It travels along with the contribution until new provisions are not needed until 21 days and maintains other availability conditions for a period of inactivity.

Recently, according to NASA, crew life support would be provided by other space modules.

New design

This week, NASA also tested one of the most revolutionary features of the spacecraft: a parachute, parachute and retro-rocket or airbag to recover the capsule when the Earth returns.


The reversal module combines parachutes and retro-rockets when recovering the Capsule when the Earth returns.

According to the agencies, the Russian Soyuz capsule or Chinese used by a Chinese Shenzhou will eliminate the costs that would have to use a fleet of ships before the Mercury, Gemini or Apollo flight.

Another feature is the re-use of the crew module, which can be used for 10 flights, which will reduce costs and allow the construction of a fleet of these devices.

The space station of the ship can also be used, allowing its design to be compatible with other automobiles vehicles, although it is a safety measure as a pilot command and maneuver in an emergency.

New Age of Space

Since 1972, when the last lunar landing was done, until recently, he traveled to the Moon or lost interest.

But in recent years there have been more public and private initiatives to return to the satellite, but ambitious colonization plans, mostly based on the manufacture of cheap technologies and spacecraft.

China, for example, is planning land in 2018 and Russia announced that it will put the ship in 2031.

In the meantime, there are several private initiatives to find a space business model today, mineral mining on the moon, satellites to sell jewelry.

And, apparently, the United States does not want to leave behind.

The US space agency has argued for a long time that it is still a reason for returning to the moon.

NASA believes that the return of mankind to greater knowledge of lunar science and the application of new technologies.

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