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How to induce food absorption of iron


du iron It is a fundamental mineral for the organism. her lack he says, it is one of the most common and most common nutritional disorders on the planet World Health Organization. This condition may arise anemia, physical and mental fatigue and cognitive problems, among others. They are some of the population sectors of the children, pregnant women, vegetarians and vegans. However, it can be avoided with the correct consumption of iron, although a factor to be taken into account: it is not important to include in these diets an 8 to 18 milligram mineral between adults, as recommended by health organizations, but also to absorb body tissues. To do this, we can also use certain foods.

First of all: iron forms

Iron can be in food two different ways. First iron hemeTypical food of animal origin, it is easier to absorb the body. Meanwhile iron or hemeWhen plant foods or fortified with that mineral, it is more difficult to assimilate. Therefore, those who do vegetarian or vegan diet need almost twice as much iron to take advantage of their properties, as explained by the United States National Health Institute.

Healthcare organizations recommend an adult consumption of 8 to 18 milligrams per day

In fact, this mineral can be found in various ingredients They usually come in the shopping cart average consumer, including lean meat. seafood, poultry, fish, eggs, cereal breakfast and fortified iron loaves, quinoa, oats, wheat, legumes and nuts, such as dried fruits.

How to absorb iron better

Photo: iStock.
Photo: iStock.

In order to benefit from these minerals, there are certain foods that allow us to have better iron absorption and thus avoid significant nutritional deficits. Sets one of the works published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition iron bioavailability We can use the following three elements:

  • Vitamin C.. Iron absorption, that is, ascorbic acid or vitamin C, if there is a real ally, to facilitate this task, we must consume foods that contain such a substance, for example, peppers, The citrus fruits or green leafy vegetables. Add stewed lemons, meat or fish, or take natural orange juice, as far as possible, will improve the absorption of this mineral.
  • Meat and fish. du red meatbird and bird fish They contribute not only to large iron sources but also to improve absorption iron or heme, & # 39; Food, Science & Nutrition & # 39; published by a research published. Combining these foods with other foods, such as cereals, can be a supporter of biodiversity in this body.

What prevents iron absorption?

Photo: iStock.
Photo: iStock.

It is necessary to take vitamin C to promote the use of this mineral, but there are also several foods that prevent its absorption:

  • Fibric acid and polyphenols. There are natural compounds in plants that reduce iron absorption capacity. It's one of them thyroid acid, whole grains, cereals, legumes and nuts. Fortunately, C effects or meat may be due to the addition of plates. On the other hand, we find it polyphenolsFruits, vegetables, cereals, legumes, other powerful antioxidants such as tea or coffee, among other things. In fact, he proved a research drink tea while eating Iron absorption decreases from 60% to 70%, before or after up to 20%. In order to avoid this, researchers advised to leave for two hours at a meal to enjoy this drink.
  • Calcium-rich foods. du calcium It is one of the fundamental minerals for the organism, although it has always been able to reduce the body's iron absorption capacity. However, a study conducted in 2010 only produced calcium and dairy products in the short termthus avoiding bigger problems.
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