Wednesday , January 20 2021

Iquitos: Matter breaks his partner to continue S / 50 alcohol Photo 1 5 | Peru

The woman handed over her partner to 50 soles to drink alcohol at a bar stool. Faced with patient, furious and apparent drunkenness, the victim squeezed his head. The bloody event took place in the district of Punchana in Iquitos.

The Feminized Trial made it possible to get closer to the serenity of the district, approximately at 3:30 p.m., last Sunday afternoon. A call for risk was made by a rapid intervention agent -PIR, from the port of Masus. It should be noted that the operation has been performed with PNP coordinated.

The gaiters were identified by agent agents Lody Pérez Cordova (50) and it was also in an apparent state of rumor. At the time of the surgery, the woman was cut to the scalp, on the back of her head, on her neck.

The severe cut was produced on the face and in the blood they had dropped.

Serenazgo began his car and moved to Loreto Felipe Arriola Iglesias, a regional hospital. On the way, he acknowledges the affected woman by identifying her partner Héctor Reátegui Sánchez (53) Like his attacker, he had a centimeter of 30 cm in his hand.

The event took place in the center of Silfo Alván del Castillo, the human position of Santa María.

After seeing the women at the hospital audit desk mentioned by the medical staff. In the meantime, his aggressor arrived at the Punchan police and was informed by women's offense.


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