Wednesday , December 8 2021

Magaly Medina without mentioning the political crisis in her program: “This is not the platform on which I express my political ideas” | SHOWS


Magaly medina He spoke about the political crisis that caused the National March that left two young people dead. The show mentioned that it does not confuse its entertainment program with political issues.

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“Unfortunately, young lives were lost. The street came out. Street talked, but this program is for entertainment. My show has always been about show information. “he said ‘steps’ at the presentation of his program.

Magaly medina he commented that after being appointed now things have returned to “normalcy” Francisco Sagasti As President of the Republican Congress and later as President of the Republic.

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“October” mentioned that he never mixes information from the show with political information, because that “speech” is left to political programs.

“Whoever wants my opinion should be part of my friends. This is not a platform for me to express my political ideas. This is an entertainment platform. I’m not even a hallucinatory opinion leader. “, he concluded.

Magaly Medina spoke about the political crisis that left 2 dead. (Quad-TROME)


Francisco Sagasti spoke about police repression. (Congress Channel-TROME)
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