Monday , November 29 2021

Sheyla Rojas on Magaly Medina’s trial: “Evil, cruelty and things said were very powerful” | VIDEO | SHOWS


Sheyla Rojas spoke to Trome over the weekend, was honest and shed a few tears remembering everything he experienced after the program Magaly medina the blonde broadcast some private conversations about the travels, luxuries, and curiosities she might have had next to Luis Advíncula, with whom she was also seen in a dangerous scene perpetuated in the lens of her cell phone.

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Popular Aizu Aizu She is not ready to put aside all the “abuse” done to her and stated that Magaly Medina “told me that I not only hinder my work, but that the woman, as a person, also knows my integrity. I do not wish on anyone.”

“In these times this should not be allowed more and less, because you can’t throw a stone and hide your hand, that’s why I’ve taken measures with my lawyers and I’ll go to the end.”Carla Chévez told our reporter.

He added that he understood what the middle of the show was like, but “it definitely went beyond the boundaries, the evil, cruelty and things he said were very powerful because it was not only psychological abuse for me, but also for my family.”

“No one has the right to judge anyone completely, because no one is an example (break) of anyone,” he stressed.

He also stated that “I don’t make pants with fools because I don’t.” “Like anyone else, I am a woman with the freedom and desire to express herself as she wants, even men. At the moment there is no reason to worry, it is out of context. “

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