Thursday , June 8 2023

The iPhone 12 is to be sold with a charger in Brazil


Unless you’ve spent the last few months on Mars, or at least been away from the world of technology, you should already know that Apple has decided not to include the charger with the new iPhone 12. According to the company, the decision was made for environmental reasons, as it will help reduce both emissions and the consumption of polluting materials. Other manufacturers were reluctant to draw blood, and in ours, in fact, we don’t end up believing.

Until now there was an exception to this new Apple policy, and in France, by legal order, the company has been forced to sell it with an iPhone 12 charger. It looks like it won’t soon be the only country with a similar rule or, more specifically, it will force Apple to include the charger with all iPhone 12s, in any of its variants, since it is a Brazilian consumer regulator. After several requests for information from Apple, it has decided to impose this position.

The decision is made by Procon-SP, the body that defends consumer rights in the state of Sao Paulo, and has made public the communication to Apple, in which it questions the arguments made by the technology company and, as a result, establishes that the company will have to deliver a specific charger for iPhone 12, in an explicit way along with the new phone.

As can be read in the statement, Procon-SP contacted Apple to ask for explanations regarding the sale of the iPhone 12 without a charger. In response, the technology company responded that there are already many chargers in the world and as a result, units delivered with new phones are not used by users, and the decision is to help reduce emissions of carbon and e-waste.

The iPhone 12 is to be sold with a charger in Brazil

However, the agency believes that when a consumer buys a new device, in addition to getting the same thing, you expect to get the charger you need to use it. And it is, after all, that the charger is an essential element to be able to use the iPhone 12. If a new generation of the device joins improvements in its charging capacity, such a faster effect than previous generations.

In addition, according to Procon-SP, Apple does not demonstrate in response to the use of older adapters it cannot jeopardize the process of loading and the safety of the procedure, nor that the use of third-party chargers will not be used as a waiver of product repair under legal or contractual warranty. We have already talked about the dangers of using poor quality chargers. Failure to include the charger in the iPhone 12 may result in many consumers opting to purchase this type of charger.

In addition, organisms it does not see the benefit of the environment as justified which allegedly results in the sale of the iPhone 12 without a charger, nor has a parallel plan for the collection and recycling of old phones and chargers been established, which would have a beneficial impact on the environment.

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