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The Uruguayan press has written a Cuban victory at the UN


November 02, 2018, 09:04Montevideo, November 2 (Prensa Latina) The world is ratifying the US blockade of the blockade to the US Cuba, dealing with the 189th La República newspaper with two votes and the overwhelming vote of zero resignation.

This was the result of a draft resolution on the need to abolish the economic, commercial and financial siege of the United Nations General Assembly which was the most representative international forum that left Washington and its allies.

The publication notes that this year, the 27th time when a proposal was submitted, the US pressure to introduce Cuba's Cuban damage assessment steps brought eight changes that only tried to extend the process and did not support the United Nations Member countries.

In the journalist's report, on behalf of various regional organizations, interventions aimed at supporting the decisive project and the termination of the Cuban Chancellor for damages caused by the city's blockade by Washington.

It also emphasizes that "the United States Government has not the least moral authority in the criticism of my country or anyone's human rights critique".

Miguel Díaz-Canel also cites statements by Cuban President after his arrival in Moscow, celebrating the victory in the United Nations and the US defeat.

"At this time, Fidel Castro, Raúl Castro, the people and the Cuban revolution are thinking, because they are the only possible victory," said the newspaper.

The underscored digital page states that "the United Nations rejects the Cuban criticism of the United States and condemns the blockade, and Bruno Rodríguez's appearance is called an" unfair trick "to" confusion and fatigue "with eight unsuccessful modifications.

In Caras y Caretas magazine, Cuba presented a project to abolish the US economic blockade, with the agreement that it violates international humanitarian law.

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