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Titans, characters: who is in the new series DC and Netflix? | Titans | Lights | cinema

Netflix In 2019, the most advanced advances of fancier comics will begin: "Titans"Series of the young DC heroes and series by Geoff Johns, Greg Berlanti and Akiva Goldsman.

The series tells the story of the young heroine who wants to be part of the French Teen Titans. Dick Grayson distinguishes him from Batman to escape his shadow and next to Rachel Roth, next to a little girl dressed in a strange darkness, he takes on a conspiracy to take hell out of the ground. Along the way, the awesome Starfire and the beloved Beast Boy will meet together and become a new family and a group of heroes.


  • Robin / Dick Grayson – Brenton Thwaites

Since Batman's training against crime, Robin is the leader of Titans, who tries to escape from the shadow called "Night of the Knight", a name that stands out.

  • Starfire / Koriand – Anna Diop

Tamaran is a planet princess. He arrived on Earth to protect Rachel Roth, though he lost his memory and did not remember anything.

The daughters of a demon are a mysterious Gothic girl who is capable of controlling powerful and difficult powers, which are created according to their emotions.

  • Beast Boy / Garfield Mark Logan – Ryan Potter

It has the ability to become an animal that remembers and helps fight the dangerous threat that the Titans can play.

Other young superheroes are added to the plot:

A strategic, defensive and light court, fighting crime with his partner and childhood, with Hawk. He had a relationship with Dick in the past.

Aggressive and offensive Criminal wrestling with your partner and girlfriend, Dove. His brother Donny was trying to defend himself, his football coaches were raped.

  • Amy Rohrbach – Lindsey Gort

Detective, new partner of Dick Grayson.

  • Jason Todd – Curran Walters

Current Batman friends.

  • Elasti-Girl – April Bowlby

Doom Patrol and effort member. He has developed the power to grow and reduce after toxic gas

  • Negative man – Dwain Murphy

Doom Patrol and member of Expiloto. He dropped the negative energy and, since then, it is wrapped in an armchair.


To watch the online series, DC Comics launched the streaming service at the end of 2018. Fans could see series 11 episodes in a platform that was only launched in the United States. But, on January 11, "Titans"is available all over the world Netflix.

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