Wednesday , January 27 2021

Universal Family Voucher: The National Bank has suspended payment through the Cellular Bank

He noted that some of the beneficiaries had an “extraordinary amount of money” in making this payment through this modality

The statement also stated that they are working to resolve the issue / Photo: El Comercio Archive

The National Bank announced the payment of the second Family Bonus, Mobile Banking, is temporarily suspended after the incident was filed this Saturday.

“Some cases of Universal Family Bond (BFU) beneficiaries, assigned to the mode of payment Mobile Banking With the 760 floor subsidy removed through the bank, they had an unusual amount of money, ”he says National Bank.

The statement also said that they are working to resolve the issue and that payments are guaranteed at all stages.

“This incident has been resolved quickly. In the meantime, the service has been temporarily suspended Mobile Banking. Full payment of the voucher is guaranteed in all phases and modalities. The service will be restored as soon as possible, ”he said.

In the end, he pointed out National Bank Beneficiaries of the second Universal Family Bond amounting to S / 760 will be contacted to “regularize this situation”.

The Government the second Family Voucher began to be paid on October 10th. The executive expects more than 8.4 million families to attend coronavirus.

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