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& # 39; Fuller House & # 39; is it named? Why show season 5 season ends

Get ready to say goodbye to the Tanner family. Netflix is ​​connecting Fuller House. The streaming service revealed on Thursday the show, restarting popular comedy Full House, It will end for season 5.

"We're saving the best of last time," says star Candace Cameron Bure
Netflix ad video.

Why is it? Fuller House Does it end?

Netflix did not decide why he decided to cancel it Fuller House. The show has been one of its most watched original, according to Variety. But the scenes were behind the problems. Showrunner Jeff Franklin was imprisoned in May 2018 after complaining about his "behavioral abusive" behavior. Last fall, rumors that the series did not last the season 4.

Netflix appeared again about the renovation fence Fuller Hours, Cameron Bure said
No desire to stop DJ Tanner.

"Oh my goodness, I went to DJ Tanner for the rest
My life," du
The actor said E! News
. "He wanted audiences and networks
I wanted to, I'd do it forever. I love him. I love Fuller
Home family, and we're really family on the screen. I'll get more
With them on a daily basis, they have a friendship or work in their daily lives.
It's incredible, so you continue! Give us a season five! "

Fans are disappointed

In the social media, Fuller
The fans were happy to come back for the fifth season
Netflix decided to cancel the show.

Some expected to find a new network in another network.

One fan asked why Netflix was ready for millions of old ready episodes Friends but there was no help Fuller House.

When is the air of 5 seasons?

Netflix has not announced a specific season premiere
5 of Fuller House. So far, we just have
Find out about the season that will be available during the last season in the 2019 season. Season 4
The show, stars Jodie Sweetin and Andrea Barber, in addition to Cameron
Bure downloaded Netflix on December 14.

How popular it was Fuller House?

Netflix is ​​known to be able to release advertising
numbers. However, Nielsen calculated the premiere of the premiere of the premiere Fuller House bring about 4.6
Million US viewers. The show was a great success internationally, Forbes

Meanwhile Fuller House It was known, especially in its early seasons, in the presence of other streaming service programs in the tough competition. Recode shows a list of 20 show shows that feature Netflix in December, Fuller House no list The list, including both Netflix and licensed content, was like shows Office, friends, and Parks and recreation. I like it originally BoJack Horseman, Orange New Black gives, and 13 Reasons why They were also known.

Originals Full House Between 1987 and 1995 he worked for eight seasons in ABC. The show was part of the TGIF programming block, as well as shows Step by step, Family Matters, Perfect Strangers, and Boy Meets World. All eighty seasons Full House being hulu streaming

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