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& # 39; Masked Singer & # 39; Magazine results: 58% said it's wonderful & # 39; athletes will compete

"It's about the exhibition, it's not the voice." Thus, 58% of fans of "The Masked Singer" voted for our new vote, asking whether or not athletes and comedians should compete against Fox's real-world television singers. competition sections Conversely, only 42% declare DISCLAIMER, "Obviously, a pro singer has won!" Where is the "Masked" controversy? Turn off the sound in comments section.

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During the four sections, the two athletes went home (he was a footballer at Hippo Antonio Brown and the deer had NFL personality Terry Bradshaw) and sent two comedians (pineapple) Tommy Chong and it was Poodle Margaret Cho). There are only eight festive celebrities in the competition: Lion, Unicorn, Alien, Rabbit, Bee, Monster, Peacock and Raven.

If Folk theories are true, there are few professional singers hiding behind other masks. Lion is probably Rumer WillisRabbit is likely NSYNC Member, it might be alien La Toya Jackson, Monster reminds a lot T-PainPeacock is undoubtedly Donny Osmond And it will look like Bee Gladys Knight.

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As anyone who is not yet in the competition, they saw it better when cutting the saw. These potential contestants are the actresses Tori Spelling, many believe that it is hidden behind the Unicorn mask and talk show host Ricki Lake, Which suits all of Raven's costume attire.

Wednesday's fifth episode, "Mix and Masks", on Wednesday, January 30, at Fox. For the first time, two of the first team's players (Lion and Unicorn) will compete against the second-team competitors (Alien and Rabbit). If you follow the pattern, look for Unicorn to be deleted this week, that it is the only non-pro singer.

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