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Asian wounds in tuberculosis are often not tested


Micobacterium tuberculosis bacterial microscope scan, which causes TB. Credit: NIAID

Tuberculosis (TB) in non-traditional countries Many South Asian migrants are not tested for a high risk of developing disease, according to new investigations by Rutgers University and the University of San Pedro.

Tuberculosis, especially lungs, causes more than 1,600 million people worldwide to die of only one infectious disease.

The study appears Community Health Magazine.

Many immigrants from South Asia who visit regularly in pregnant countries may have latent TB and often have not tried it. People with latent TB are not infected and can not spread the disease.

"Our work shows an asymptomatic latent TB infection in our community that demonstrates screening and treatment needs, a new vision of Disease Control and Prevention Centers. [CDC] as well, "said senior writer Sabah Kalyoussef Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School and Professor of Clinical Assistant at the University of San Pedro.

Approximately 1.7 million people worldwide, including 13.6 million in the United States, have latent TB. Developed countries such as the United States, even though they have little TB incidence, are in many cases imported by travelers or immigrants.

According to the CDC, about 70% of TB cases occur in foreign births, especially in Asian populations. New Jersey, with the highest percentages of Asian-Indian Americans, is one of the 10 highest-ranking TB districts.

The researchers came to 463 adults born in Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Maldives, Afghanistan or Sri Lanka for a better understanding of TB behavior and behavior in more than four months. Of these, 387 people were killed, such as Bangladesh, India or Pakistan, many of which are returned in many countries.

The results show that only 54% of all attendees are tested for TB, although they are highly educated, though they are a high income household and a healthcare provider, TB believes that it is testing a serious and important disease.

The researchers did not try out possible causes, such as cultural prejudices, behaviors with stigma, test, and treatment related to TB, or doctors who did not try out high-risk patients or asked about the history of patients' travel.

"An important step towards eliminating tuberculosis in the United States is identifying those who have latent infections and treat people with high risk reactivation," said Kalyoussef. "This study needs more work in the community and health risks of latent TB infections in high-risk populations."

Researchers intend to use the test results to try to compromise immigrants from South Asia to treat and treat TB infections.

With the vision of high-risk patients, SLU researchers have their eyes erased well

More information:
Navaneeth Narayanan et al, Latent Tuberculosis Infection Beliefs and Testing and Treatment Health Observatories in New Jersey, not in the South American States of America: Cross-sectional Community Survey, Community Health Magazine (2018). DOI: 10.1007 / s10900-018-00607-4

Rutgers University

South Africans have not been tested for tuberculosis at all (2019, January 31)
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