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Avengers: Endgame & # 39; s & # 39; s influence the future of the Marvel cinema universe

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After 11 years and 22 films, "Avengers: Endgame" is here.

For the 96% of Rotten Tomatoes, it is a critical consensus that the "Marvel Cinematic Universe" or "Infinity Saga" is a good result of the current "Avengers". There is not the next movie that is expected to be the final credits, which has become synonymous with the MCU, definitively emphasizing the movie.

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But even if there is a fixation of "Endgame", there is no real end. "Spider-Man: Far From Home" is staged in July by CEO of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, the "three phase" MCU's real end. Marvel Studios has eight dating dates for 2022 days.

Yes, "Endgame" removes veteran actors, but a bold new country and an inclusive future will also be on the stage.

"Put it like this: it's just the beginning," Feige said in Los Angeles Times about the diversity of The Last Times a month.

Steve Rogers / Captain America (interpreted by Chris Evans) returns to life with his lost love of life, Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell), and, as an old man, has dedicated a shield to Sam Wilson / Falcon. (Anthony Mackie). Thorre refuses to renounce the "New Asgard" to Valkia (Tessa Thompson).

Steve Rogers will give Captain America his coat of arms to Sam Wilson / Falcon in "Avengers: Endgame".
Marvel Studios

Add to that the addition of $ 1,000 million of "Marvel" and "Black Panther", and Marvel's "Shang-Chi" Superhero Supermarket will be in the first place, and women and colors appear to progress. To MCU ever before.

"We're in the care of more Hollywood cases, and Marvel and Disney are clearly listening," Shawn Robbins, chief analyst at, told Business Insiderri earlier.

However, the only thing about the future of the MCU called "Endgame" responds to many questions and creates it even more.

& # 39; Endgame & # 39; Marvel discusses important questions about future projects

At the end of "Endgame", Vision died. However, there is a television series called "WandaVision" at Disney's new Disney's new platform, where Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany will play Scarlet Witch and Vision's roles. respectively. The same thing can be said of Tom Hiddleston's Loki, who will be the star of his own series.

Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) is developing a solo movie, although the character "Endgame" died.

Even though most of these projects are targeted at MCUs, they will probably focus on the franchise's past.

Black Widow's background shuffles several times and analyzes his solo movie throughout history. This will also be applied to Loki and "WandaVision", which Olsen had just lit up somehow in the 1950s. (Note, however, that there is a potential "Endgame" loophole that could bring Loki back to the dead, where his previous car uses a stone space to move it to an unknown place.)

The Black Widow solitaire will be called "Avengers: Endgame".
Marvel Studios

Then "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier" is another development in the Disney Plus series, featuring Mackie and Sebastian Stan, Bucky Barnes. Will it happen after the "Endgame" in the past? Will Falcon be the new Captain America? Do you expect the headlines to be corrected, or do we see it slowly roll into the role?

With "Endgame", there is something confrontational with the viewer facing the MCU: uncertainty.

We do not know what films will be taken by eight witnesses to publish in Marvel. We have six films in the works, including "Black Widow" solo films and "Black Panther" and Doctor Strange, but Marvel Studios has not yet made official announcements.

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But this uncertainty is in the design. Feige said he will answer some questions and "Ad Spider-Man: Far From Home" will be announced and there will be "solutions" in the next five years of the MCU.

He regretted that he had noticed much in advance in the past, especially when the title "Infinity War" was revealed when he was released in 2015 by the "Avengers: Age of Ultron" 2015.

"& # 39; Ultron did not leave that point and I felt a small little sense:" Well, right away, we have to talk about the next movies, that's because we're working so hard and that's next To see our viewers, but when we talk more far, we were paying close attention, "said Feige, Hollywood Reporter last year.


Marvel Studios is in no hurry

Marvel is not just taking the time of the ad. The following year, the MCU will slow down a two-stage release. The legendary comic book director, Gerry Conway, created Marvel's Punisher and was written by Carol Danvers (Marvel / Captain Marvel debut) in a solo debut, said Business Intelligence is a smart decision.

"In the last three years we have had Marvel films and we will be two of us the next year," said Conway. "And if only one year, you breathe the audience and anticipate the next."

Prior construction will be essential for the future of the MCU, especially after the Disney-Fox merger. Marvel Studios, now, Fox will have access to Marvel's X-Men and Four Fantastic Four, but the audience does not expect to debut at the MCU immediately (Fox's "X-Men" latest movie "Dark Phoenix). "It arrived in the theaters in June.

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Feige did not allow the formally developed idea of ​​the characters until the shooting last month.

"They could wait for five years, maybe for 10 years," said Robbins. "I think there will be a strong argument for a longer wait, the more progress it will be, the more Fox Times allows them to set their time."

Disney's CEO, Bob Iger, has said in the future the MCU will try a new "Avengers" franchise. In the end, it can be X-Men. But, meanwhile, the MCU does not make it available to power players, except Steve Rogers and Tony Stark.

Black Panther and Captain Marvel are virtually no "Endgame", but they have a lot of time to become franchisors, and viewers at the box office for soloists are eager for it. Thor (Chris Hemsworth) seems to be still in the picture, and Galaxian's Guardian joins the endgame at the end of a third film that he has retrieved with new director James Gunn.

"10 years ago, nobody believed that Marvel could throw that out," said Robbins. "It was a challenge then, and it will be a challenge now. Probably, the first would be the easy way to say it, but you know that people want it."

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