Saturday , February 4 2023

Bing's expulsion in search of 2019 polls


BACOLOD City – Block-time radio television has named Evelio Mayor "Bing" Leonardia, that the candidate's certificate is not true.

Edgar Cadagat appealed to the Electoral Commission to request Leoni's termination, to seek a new term over half of the 2019 elections in May.

According to Cadagat, Leonard has "no" to answer the COC's 22 question, "Once the final removal has been pronounced responsible for a criminal offense against constant punishment, the public office has become the last executive."

But it was "public knowledge", that Leonardia was pityed and was the culprit of the total loss of duty – for administrative offenses – and the dismissal of the service, Cadagat said the request was made at 14.

Due to the dismissal of Leonardia, the punishment was forbidding retirement benefits, continuing uninterrupted disqualification, public office, prohibiting the abolition of civilian operation, and forbidding custodial prohibitions, according to Cadagat. , 2016.

Leonard described the request as "black propaganda".

One of his legal advisers, a councilor Renecito Novero, said that Cadagat's request was "fundamental and legal bases", that Leonardia was not dismissed from this service.

Judicial court ruling has been quoted by Cadagate as saying that the Constitutional Court has acquitted Leonardia, said Novero.PN

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