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Chronic Illness Cure Illness? It's not so fast

(WVLT) – Many people today have heard of Chronic Disease Disease (CWD), which has affected deer, elk and moose all over the country.

The disease is damaging parts of the brain, it creates holes in the brain cells and looks like a sponge. Animals with a disease are often emaciated, show abnormal behavior, lose body functions, become weak and eventually die.

From the middle of February, 185 deer were tested by CWD in Tennessee, all in the counties of Tennesse.

Until now there is no known cure, but TWRA says he has cured rumors. According to a post published on the agencies' Facebook page, a Pennsylvania-based sports team claimed that the disease was caused by Spiroplasma, not before prion's investigation.

The group "commits itself to the commitment to support bacterial theory research, to develop CWD test kits and healing," said TWRA. According to TWRA, South East Asian wildlife co-operatives are investigating that the disease is caused by pressure.

It is possible, depending on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, to influence humans. According to TWRA, they will find out that human bees can not get infected deer disease, but CDC recommends not eating flesh of infected deer.

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