Saturday , October 24 2020

De Luna is a short US Open 9-Ball

De Luna is a short US Open 9-Ball

Jeffrey De Luna finished finishing in the US Open for the 9th Open Championship in the 2019 Australian Open for the four season finals.

Jeffrey de Luna turned to Philippine bets to Germany's Joshua Filler, from 8-11. On Friday (Saturday, Manila time) in Las Vegas, he held at Mandalay Bay (Friday, Saturday) at 9.0 Ballester Open Championship Open Open.

De Luna, Alex Pagulayan, champion of 2005, his friend and champion of 2005, set up 12,000 dollars in purse, and the famous pools participated in the 11 Philippine bets Pinoy Cue was the highest artist.

Filler finally crowned $ 50,000 and gained power over Chinese Wu Jiaqing, 13-10, after winning the championship-to-13 Final.

Jiaqing returned to China after the Taipei Chang Yu-Lung attack.

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