Sunday , December 5 2021

Injured Liverpool will have to show champions to face Jamie Vardy and Brendan Rodgers – John Aldridge


They say it never rains but it does rain and somehow Liverpool’s injury list is even worse during the international break.

When Joe Gomez’s knee injury became ill and news of Mo Salah’s positive coronavirus test arrived, along with the tight muscles of Jordan Henderson and Andy Robertson, the director has to ask how many mirrors he has broken lately.

I can’t remember too much of this kind of witchcraft, where a lot of problems have happened at once and I don’t think it can be based on training methods, because everything is done scientifically these days.

I think with the way Liverpool play and the intensity they need with what Jurgen Klopp wants, it’s essential to have a proper pre-season and this time, of course, it wasn’t possible.

Jurgen has done great with the boys over the last two years, but the way he finished last season and the short changes he has made with these tools in a short time has caused him to feel and not just Liverpool suffer with him.

The reality is that many supporters today have not been able to give the monkey about international football, but that aside, I can’t understand why they had a friendly at such a time.

The Premier League and Champions League are now much bigger than international matches and many fans don’t want to see their players take part and would like to see them rest so they can be fresh for their clubs.

Liverpool are one of the best teams, so there are a lot of players, but you are watching the games in the hope that they will not be injured as much as anything else.

We hope Robboko isn’t too bad, otherwise you’ll see that Milner can play in the back and Neco Williams in the right with Matip and Phillips in the middle.

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It’s four different from what you’d say is our strongest and it doesn’t look good when you’re playing against Jamie Vardy and colleagues.

I have to say that at the moment I think he is the best English football striker.

I think now he’s gone ahead of Harry Kane with the way he’s approached, I’ve seen him in a few games this season and I think he’s been great.

His deception, his racing skills and where he leads people not only creates goals, but also his teammates, which is one of the main reasons Leicester is having another good season.

I can relate a bit to him because he had to insert himself and I reached the top level at the end of 20 years like me, but he uses his careers and experience very well.

I continued to play and score goals in the late 30s, making the right runs and taking the defenders to a place they didn’t want to go and with the pace he still has, as well as his finish, Vardy is a very dangerous player and needs to be hit on Sunday night.

He always seems to score against us, so we have to defend well to keep him out.

As things stand behind him, he may try to overcome the opposition until some of these players recover.

You have to admire what Brendan Rodgers has done since she left Anfield just over five years ago.

I’ve always been a fan of his and I thought he did a great job at Liverpool, despite not being able to see great football across the line in 2014 and lacking experience at the time. especially thinking about that Chelsea game we just needed a draw.

But he did a good job in the difficult times of the club and where we are now is seeing some of the players who were involved under him and Klopp.

He did well in Scotland for Celtic and if you look at this side of Leicester, he sold money like Harry Maguire and Ben Chilwell in exchange for just looking for a stronger side of them, so a sign of a good manager.

He has done a very good job and he believes in the players, so it will be a very tough match for Liverpool this weekend and we will have to show why we are champions to get the result we want from there.

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* I was delighted when Tranmere Rovers scored another great victory on Saturday when they scored two goals in stoppage time to win 4-3 at Port Vale.

The guys who took charge of the goalkeepers, Ian Dawes and Andy Parkinson, who played under me a few years ago, have done very well and given them a bit of strength.

If they continue to do what they are doing and get good results, the owners will have to give them a chance.

You see things happen that way in football sometimes, when a temporary solution seems like the right answer and, from what you’ve done so far, they ensure that the boys are able to see if they are able to move forward.

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