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New Orleans Pelicans called on Anthony Davis about Los Angeles Lakers

As the NBA's trading period as a looms within the week, the Lakers's Pelicans All-Star forward's Anthony Davis's immediate quest is full of obstacles – the fact is that the two-party executives still hope to be able to trade, a significant league in a series of interviews said ESPN.

Pelican Director-General Dell Demps does not rush with Lakers's Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka's CEO, but Los Angeles has to be aggressive with David Davis's offerings before Thursday's commercial trading deadline, the league sources say ESPN and Dempsen are listening.

The executive Lakers and Pelicans are connected to the Davis phone and are expected to talk before the trading period next week, ESPN said.

Nowadays, the Pelican has no reason to give Davis a chance to leave the contract for Lakers every season. It's never a matter of time when Los Angeles and Davis have the main goals.

Dempsen's slow reaction time may be that New Orleans will demand Lakers responsibility for Davis's demand. Or perhaps Davis and his agent, Klutch Sports Rich Paul's indications, do not expect film crews to support Davis's commercial partner with LeBron James.

Nowadays, the Pelican has no reason to give Davis a chance to leave the contract for Lakers every season. It's never a matter of time when Los Angeles and Davis have the main goals.

New Orleans officials are ready to play a long game in Davis, which is a disturbing and awkward process that can be extended over the next month's trade limit.

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If Davis wants to be the Lakers, the mantra of the pelican is just now: Becoming a FREE EPA return for 2020 and potentially for 2019-20 season – James will play in 35. box is open

Demps was not in a hurry to connect with the Lakers, but eventually joined Johnson, as sources of the league said. The Lakers say James Ramon Shelburne's ESPN says James's exceptions are not usable at talks.

From Paul George to Leonard from Davis, they're getting used to starving stars at the Lakers office, leaving their contracts in the years of All-Star trading demands.

Right now, Demps continues with Kawhi Leonard's initial playlist a year ago: Accept calls and listen to concepts and offers.

Spurs GM R.C. When Buford finally called Pelinka after commanding a spring commercial request to Leonard, Lakers left an unbelievable impression: Buford and Gregg Popovich had never sent Leonardi to Los Angeles, but they were not offered by the Lakers. Spurs always refused the absolute "Lakers", L.A. The package never got caught.

Paul told Demps on Friday that his client had no contract extension signed with Pelican and would like to have a trade, Paul publicly declared it on Monday. He was informed that he had to pay a fine of $ 50,000 for his client name.

Mark Davis, who is interested in marketing, including Boston Celtics, is explicitly said, and the intelligence is back, the sources say ESPN: Davis plans to treat a commercial destination for a one-year stop, except for the Lakers, of course. Davis says it will play another season of the season if it is traded outside of Lakers, but they will go to a free Lakers agent by 2020.

Boston is forbidden to trade Davis this season, and Davisi has made it possible for Lakers to do something this season in 2018-19. Celtics and other authorities are curious as the Lakers-or-bust goes beyond the limits, sources said.

Davis and Boston's camp approach are linked to the vision of the future of Kyrie Irving, the source said. Davis and his camp do not believe that Irving is a sure bet signed by last year's Celtics, and that's why the fifth team is the main reason for a similar message to 28 others: considering Buyer Davis.

Paul also represents James. Davis has hired Paul and Klutch Sports, so Davis has clearly made it clear in Lakers' end-game strategy, though some of the NBA are skeptical.

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There is no fear of outside Boston Davis, with the word sent to New Orleans: after the trading period with Davis, we're off to enter the season and get the most out of the talents of generations.

Boston continues to recover the Irving signing, even if Celtics did not get Davis on their way to a free agency. But whatever happens at any time, to answer any question that Irving's commitment to preseason compromises with the extension, Celtics believes that they will take all those purchases from Davis. Boston thinks this: Davis is likely to include Irving's commitment.

Right now, Celtics are not convinced that Davis would be ready to go on a nuclear tournament in Lakers in Boston. Davis's research in Boston has made a lot of hard work in the last 18 months, the source said.

The pelicans know that Celtics Davis is preparing a massive offer while leaving the New Orleans list after the trading period has passed. Celtics can not buy if he does not sell Irving, any team forbids trade for a second player who works according to the maximum extension of the second rookies. Both Irving and Davis are now addressing. Irving and, definitely, can not leave his contract on July 1.

The best Celtics question could have gotten Davis, including Jayson Tatum. If the Celtics have the opportunity, Boston will be able to offer one or all of the following: Jaylen Brown, Gordon Hayward, Marcus Smart, Terry Rozier (Rozier should agree to a signaling commerce despite rare complications), first translated in Sacramento First round, the first lap of Memphis (eight times protected, sponsored by 2020, sponsored by the six and the 2021 defenses) and the sponsorship of the LA Clippers lottery is the second lap of 2022, lost in season and next seasons.

On top of each other, Boston wants Tatum to keep up. It is necessary to continue with the three great Irving, Davis and Tatum, and it is necessary to fill the gaps around them. If the Celtics need to keep the Lakers, Saturday will say to Davis the commercial speech that Tatum will play on Saturdays.

It's dangerous, though. If Boston orders in absolute terms, Pelican would expect Celtics to have this certainty. Reneging's leaguewide credibility in Boston would cause some damage to repair for a few years.

Davis directly signed in 2020, letting the Lakers have enough space to add a summer player in summer. Lakers can sign a free star agent and then launch and launch young Davis youth for 2020. In all cases, Davis's path is difficult.

In addition, to face all the young Davis assets, the Lakers' path would hinder a third star. Davis, LeBron and Luol Deng solely for the extension of 2019-20 books, Lakers would have only 30.5 million euros, it is not enough for a max-free agent. They expect a star to be smaller than the maximum, or move towards the summer of 2020.

The pelicans were still key to dialogue with Lakers prior to Thursday's trading period. Pelinka can provide a card for future prospects and futures sketches, or allow players to improve the competition so that Demps can offer Darms players.

The pelicans believe that Lakers will offer the same offer in June and July as it currently offers, the main reason Celta will expect.

On Friday, when Davis asked for pelicans, ESPN told Demps that Nikola Mirotic and Julius Randle were ahead of the Taraun Moore Guard Conference. Pelicans continue to investigate the market value of these players, the sources said.

One of these directorates could take these words: to market these players to improve draft improvements, as part of post-Davis's complete refurbishment.

New Orleans is the 13th place in the West, 5.5 games out of the 30 games.

About Davis's situation he has given a clear overview of the unusual prefabricated structure of Pelicans, especially the NFL's New Orleans Saints executive power, such as Mickey Loomis, vice president of Pelikan's basketball operations and Demps & # 39; nominal boss The pelicans' environment is immersed in the NFL's high school, a high degree of defense after a commercial demand such as Davis.

Demps and his basketball players manage business discussions, but Loomis – Saints' top football executive – is a significant voice as the pelicans look like Davis saga. It is interesting, Loomis and Celtics GM Danny Ainge have no personal relationship, but Eugene, they have a growing history in Oregón.

Aside from the NBA's future guard and the third league in the league, Ainge was a star receiver and quarterback with Pac-8 soccer. Loomis was younger and was a football star and has long met Ainge's athletic flower.

The history of the angels has a history as a negotiator, but the future of Pelican is on the solid return of Davis. It is impossible to extract the maximum value. New Orleans offers Davis a five-year and $ 239 million extension in July and its planned 2020 bid.

About pelikanos, we are asking Davis to stop booing and become a villain of New Orleans with the second hand he has decided on a public commercial request, but it is probably a mere thought.

Larger intelligent outdoors channels do not stop Ainge, Celtic believes that Davis is to convince him in the long run and the future of Irving in New England.

Still, Boston's concerns appear. For example, Celtics may miss out on post-time. Knicks won the draft with the lottery and a commercial asset that won along with the Tatum team: No. 1 Pick of the NBA First Column and the choice of Duke's Williamson.

If it's not enough, Knicks expects Kevin Knox to refuse to offer him and buy Davis would feel a free agent of a second star. Irving would have a short list of those players, and Davis with weapons and enough fans of Irving, will only be the only threat to Boston's Irving.

Underlined: according to the draft rules of the new draft, the three teams with the worst record will have the same chance: the bet will be 14%, the No. 1 will be selected. Four teams – Knicks, Phoenix Suns, Chicago Bulls and Cleveland Cavaliers – have been heated in three races. One person will be left out and will enter the lottery, to reduce the number of points by 12.5% ​​with jumping to No. 1.

For now, Knicks' pick-up is Davis's saving to New York. On the one hand, it will be difficult in New York after the period in which Kristaps Portageis enters the Davis commercial package. Porzingis this summer will be a free free agent and should agree to a sign trade, as the slogan said. In other words: The Knicks can never offer Williamson and Porzingis together.

Right now, the pelicans and Davis dance without dancing. Davis plans to make pelikanos before the one-week trading period, said the league sources. Davis wants to play in the All Star game in February and will almost certainly choose it as a reserve on Thursday. People and coaches can already say that Davis wants to measure how many teammates still try to commit suicide.

This week it was given as a public show, Davis went to dinner with his Pelican members to travel to Houston. His character is please, and the impulse to leave New Orleans is not comparable to its typical sensibilities. It has always been a trust, the desire to enter the program. Now, Davis thinks he is a better organization that transforms the market.

The pelicans can say to the Lakers, but there is no clear trade route immediately. It could be a long and rough process. Paul is unfazed to make a fight, and Ainge is not afraid to trade. And, it seems, New Orleans is not afraid of everyone waiting.

This is the new NBA, the fight against tuna. Only the league strength balance appears in the results.

ESPN's Brian Windhorst has contributed to this report.

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