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Photographic feature of the movie Bato da Rosa biopic

Seeing the portrayal of the big screen, manners and others, the smile of President Rodrigo Duterte smiled at the premiere of the biographer by former director Ronald Da Rosa.

"It was surprising that the actor came with him … He was really happy. I was sitting next to him and he laughed," said Dela Rosa, whose life story was on Tuesday night at a commercial theater.

Veteran actress Efren Reyes Jr. was still the president of the Davao city mayor, with a Turkish police force from Dela Rosa.

Robin Padilla's acting star starred in the movie "Bato: The Gen. Ronald Rosa Story".

Reyes became a huge fan of the audience for the first time in Davao scene of a seizure crisis in the 1989 colonial colonies.

It was a controversial event when the president joked at his conference speeches when he was raped and killed by the Australian missionary.

& # 39; Impact & & # 39;

The king copied the behavior of the president, for example, to curse his forehead and his signature fingers.

"[The President] He said the movie was good and he said "congratulations." Dela Rosa nominated a new graduate of the Philarmonic Academy of the Philippines as the name of the National Police of the Philharmonic, when Mr. Duterte became Director General of 2016. .

The Lehendakari had "a strong influence" on his life and career, said Dela Rosa, whose senator is running in the May elections.

Although just two weeks before the start of the film campaign, Mr. Duterte defended his time. "An official and soldier from the Republic of the Republic was paid homage … [who] It has balls and hearts, "he said.

Comelec warns

On Wednesday, the Electoral Commission (Comelec) warned the filmmaker for six years to continue the screening of the Dela Rosa biopic screening prisoner for six years, beginning at the official campaign on February 12.

"[The cinema owners] We already know it, but we will send copies of the resolution by highlighting the provisions that prohibit the temporary work of the campaign started, "said James Warden, spokesman for Commerce.

The Republic of Law, number 9006 or electoral law prohibits filing any film, cinematography or documentary during the campaign period to show the life or biography of a candidate. Apart from the prison sentence, the abusers may be voted on without voting rights and excluding the public office.

Jimenez acknowledged that "the campaign is premature" [has been] What's happening is not forbidden because the campaign season has just begun. "

Campaign regulations

In the coming days, Comel is expected to follow the rules that the candidates must follow during the campaign's campaign.

For now, they have posters larger than 61 centimeters x 91 cm, to send messages that the Comoros office will determine.

The candidates running with a political party pass on P3 to the voter, and independently go to P5.

Their expenses, along with the donations they receive, should be reported, as well as in the social media.

They will be charged for electoral crimes during the next two weeks, if they do not have posters and posters advertisements, as they have put on other parties, Jimenez said.

In the case of a government bill that coincides with President Duterte's candidates, the survey body spokesman said, according to the rule, "if, in general, [the material] promotes a social promotion or is the main purpose of protecting the candidate. It becomes later [subject to regulation]. "

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