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The heiress of Disney paid for the 66-million-year-old CEO: "No one in the planet is worth it" US news

ABigail Disney has one of the most popular names in the world. However, this week he became the thorn of the famous family, after discussing the great salary of the CEO of Bob Iger Walt Disney Company, who found himself in the midst of a controversy over inequality and wealth.

Disney, 59 years old, made the $ 66 million packet package at Iger after the "foolishness" had been marked. In an interview with The Guardian, there was no doubt that the Walt Disney Company financial commitments described workers as "neoliberal clapters" and refusing to compensate for Iger's extra compensation.

Disney, an unforgettable niece of Walt Disney, hated Jeff Bezos Amazon's founder for a wide-ranging interview on Amazon's low-wage employee treatment.

Abigail Disney made some waves with some tweets, because Iger's pay is paid, "he has deepened inequality of wealth." Iger earned $ 65.6 million in 2018 – a median wage of 1,424 times a Disney employee. Walt Disney Company agreed to pay 2021 dollars for a minimum of one hour in 2021. He also said that spending $ 150 million will be an educational initiative to provide free college training.

Disney, the great grandson of Walt Disney, told The Guardian that the answer was "insulting."

"They say they pay more than a federal minimum wage. But you know [$15 an hour] Anaheim is not living, "said Disney, about the southern California city of southern Disneyland.

In 2017, Guardian has reported that some Disneyland personnel had to live on their cars for low wages. At that time, the Orange County Coordination Office estimated that paying the hourly pay for a unit of a one-bedroom dormitory in the Orange County was $ 25.46. A 2018 study of low profitability National Coalition had a cost of $ 15 per hour that was not enough for renting two-room rental homes in most US states.

"Then they say they offer education and rising mobility, which is neoliberal claptrap," said Disney. The company's response has added that people have not rated current jobs.

"Each work, the work you need to raise it, is supposition to say that the work you start is not a real thing, or that it deserves respect and dignity worthy of any other work."

Disney, who does not talk about his family, has been found in the midst of a wider debate about income inequality in the US, where 1% of the wealthiest Americans have more wealth than more than riches.

Demonstrators from Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders in the 2020 proposal of the two politics presented ambitious projects to raise taxes on Americans. Warren's "million-dollar tax" would impose a 2% excess tax on households with more than $ 50 million in assets, and a tax equivalent to more than $ 1 million.

As part of a wealthy American group of millions of Americans, Abigail Disney seeks a higher tax burden to close this gap. On the other hand, it offers educational programs that are unpaid, it is a "humiliation", at least for salaried workers, who can not offer a higher education offer.

"Many of them are not immigrants educated in their countries. And if you do not dominate your second language, how do you get into these jobs? [it’s] A set of private classes, which are the titles, "he said.

References to his uncle's cartoon empire, New York's New York office, directs the Fork Films documentary company. While hanging on a wall in a pinotxo and hanging on a "Mickey Mao" template, he led the "AF Feminista" desk to his philanthropic work. Disney Peace is Loud charity promotes leaders from all over the world and has spent $ 70 million charity in the last 20 years.

At the age of 59, his grandfather Roy O Disney founded Walt Disney Company with his brother, who inherited the wealth of his family and earned $ 500 million. The role of Walt Disney Company does not play roles, but has said that what people mean is "deep loyalty".

The company has defended Iger's salary, saying that a director "had an extraordinary value" for the company's shareholders. The Igerian authorities have increased the price quota for 2019 in 135, which is close to $ 24 and $ 250 million in 2005.

Abigail Disney, a member of the company, has benefited from the rise. Iger described him as "bright man", "he is well worth it."

"I think it's a good man," he said.

But does it justify a $ 65.6 million package?

"No one is worth the money on this planet," he said.

Bob IgerDisney CEO Bob Iger

Bob Iger. Walt Disney Company said Iger has an extraordinary value for shareholders & # 39; Photo: Jordan Strauss / Invision / AP

Abigail Disney has great views on Amazon. The Warren Senator wants to break the retail giant to create a higher level and Disney, Bezos, the richest man in the world, was critical with a low price of $ 156.1 million.

"Jeff Bezos can pay well for people in Amazon," said Disney, pointing at the company's richness.

In October last year, Amazon – valued over $ 1,000 and earnings record for the first quarter of 2019 has earned more than one month – a $ 15 million minimum wage in its payroll protests. . But critics say it's not enough.

Some workers say Amazon's bonuses have also been reduced by bonuses at the same time, and the company also criticized bad work conditions. The Guardian in November – he found that it took an effect of $ 15 per hour, which was one month. Whole Foods' maternity work-time workers cut hours off.

In a statement, Amazon said full-service staff at the Whole Foods store "average number of hours in January 2019 and February in the same season last year." They say they are fake claims due to the "reduction time" due to the rise in sales.

The company said: "Employees are the heart and soul of our operations and we work hard to ensure a safe, comfortable and modern working environment, as well as rising mobility opportunities. […] Everyone encourages pay and benefits to be compared to other retailers. "

His comments result in the differences between future directors' wage earners and the debate about wealth is urgent. According to a report by the United States of American Labor and Trade Union Associations of the United States of America, in 2017, the CEO of the main companies in the United States was 361 times more money than the average production average, that is, the 20 to 20 ratio between 1980 and 20. – 1950's-1st. Disney's modifications can only be made by rich people like Iger with sacrifice. A solution, he suggested, did not pay Mr Iger and other executive directors to their companies.

"It's not possible to say no money," he said. "If the CEOs do not consciously make a head change, I do not know where we go."

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