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The Mexican president drew on the baseball event by an enemy

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) – President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador inaugurated the Mexican baseball pitch on Saturday, when he inaugurated the baseball pitch in the Mexican city of Mexico, with a great deal of recognition in his first months. .

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador at the opening ceremonies of Alfredo Harpa Helu Stadium in Mexico City, Mexico, on March 23, 2019. Press Office by Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador / Handout through REUTERS.

In the opening ceremony of the inauguration of the new house of the Red Devils of Mexico (Mexico City), the stadium near the airport of Lopez Obrador was bursting with crescents, boos and cries. .

It was not clear why the sections of the people were against the president's enemies, but the self-confessed baseball fan criticism turned against shameful opponents.

"I will not speak much, since some fans of the" fifi "team are here," he said in the field, sometimes using a term called "sissy", using the term that prefers critical voices.

"Most people are supportive of the change and they are supportive of the king of sports: baseball," continued Diablos Rojos, who played for San Diego Padres.

Lopez Obrador, former mayor of the left bank of the city of Mexico City, when he won the powerful elections in December.

In a five-month transition, he quickly set up the sealing of the Mexican authority, promised to reform the lower economy, and some of the richest citizens in the country would make decisions, especially in economic policy.

The capital was partially built on a new 13,000-million-dollar airport on October 29, which was largely suspended.

From power, Lopez Obrador maintained his current private meeting all day long at eight o'clock in the afternoon. Citizens have been warmed up and ratings of their approval have been 80 percent or more, according to opinion polls.

In the midst of boos and applause, Lopez Obrador confused baseball conditions and rhetoric in addition to damaging his mafia, saying he was the main cause of violence, poverty and Mexican inequality.

We will continue to pump the "Power Mafia" rocket, "he said, tightening his talk quickly before opening the stadium to throw the first ceremony pitch.

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