Thursday , March 23 2023

The negative social question about the Tobacco ship helps to reduce smoking's intentions


Published in new research Consumer Magazine suggests that the tobacco container recalls that other "social" ones do not seem to be an inappropriate activity that causes self-awareness, which reduces their mental health. This view was particularly effective in "isolated" smokers, because smoking did not relate to smoking with identity or to their social self.

The study included 156 American American smokers' experiment panels, who had randomly seen two tobacco packages, the same label ("that is, people look at their smokers"), but they represented different images. Specifically, packages appear in black and white photos of the same person, either neutral or disgusted.

"Tobacco denunciation strategies, such as social and occupational prohibition bans, use social pressure as a means of quitting smoking. Our study suggests that tobacco tablets can be a different pressure, especially because smoking is a stigma sensitive," said co- author Dr. Jennifer Jeffrey King of University College Western University, Canada.


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