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Why Joanna Gaines was happy when her daughter sank the bathroom


Give a child a magic marker, and chaos can not continue. But in the case of Joanna and Chip Gaines's daughter Emmie, what can create a sweet and amazing message.

As reported on Joanna Instagram on Sunday, an 8-year-old Emmie's bathroom was introduced to find a small piece of marble vanity:

The host "Fixer Upper" wrote: "My heart stopped in the second, when I thought I had a whole cry, then I took it for a moment and actually wrote it and I thought:" Well that's not the worst thing. to be sustainable. Then I touched him and realized.

Phew! It's sweet, and then it can be "cleaned up?"

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Chip and Joanna Gaines at home

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However, the moment he had overcome Gaines thought he had another drawing, and he said: "I looked at his question and thought, and he said that he was talking to God. I trust and remember his faith in his baby. I know God is a relational relationship. the best and always near. "

The addition also posted about Twitter bugs, and all fans got a good feedback:

However, while this was sweet (and fixable), we probably imagine that other children's messages (Drake, 13, Ella, and Duke, 12, and Crew, 5 months) will not show up at home.

Of course, if they do, the most mess is there fixable Here is how to create permanent marker stains and how to create a brand new crayon. Parents want to bookmark these tips later!

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