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A scandal before the funeral of Diego Maradona. “I don’t know why they do this to me” Football

“I don’t know why they do this to me.” I wanted to go in there to say goodbye to Diego. I was his last partner. I was just as right as anyone else. I wanted to say goodbye – “The Sun” refers to 30-year-old British tabloid Rocio Oiva, Diego Maradona’s latest duo. Or at least officially who he was with the former footballer for six years, until 2018.

Diego Maradona is deadThey opened the coffin with Maradona’s body and took a selfie. “I will personally find this bastard”

Diego Maradona is dead. “I’m his last wife”

Due to the footballer’s family being left out of the guest list, Oliva first said this in a telephone interview with Argentine television station Todo Noticias, and came across other cameras. – When they wouldn’t let me in, they hurt Diego too. I’m his last wife – Oliva said in a weeping voice, she never became Diego’s wife, even though it was written that they were close to marriage before they separated.

Oliva explained that Claudia Villafan was barred from entering the presidential palace, where she was transported to Maradona’s coffin on Thursday to see the Argentine crowd from a distance and say goodbye to the legend. So Maradona’s last wife, with whom he broke up in 2003 after marrying for 20 years. “Claudia said it wasn’t her decision, but I know it was in her hands,” Oliva explained.

Diego Maradona is deadMaradona left a letter to his family before he died. He had one last wish

Diego Maradona’s funeral formula changed

Initially, it was said that Maradona’s funeral would be of a state nature. After all, relatives – only Maradona’s relatives and friends and important officials – were allowed to enter the cemetery. A total of dozens of people. Earlier, thousands, as well as hundreds of thousands, said goodbye to Maradona, whose coffin was taken to the Jardin da Paz cemetery outside Buenos Aires on Thursday at 6 p.m.

Maradona is buried next to his parents – Don Diego died in 2015 and Dona Toty passed away four years earlier. He died Wednesday at the age of 60. The cause of his death, CNN reported, was a second acute pulmonary edema, exacerbating chronic heart failure.

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