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All the same. Lech loses a goal in the final action and gives the opponent points. This is not the case with Pik None

Lech Pozna lacks calculation, lacks concentration. Terribly, he scored again in the final actions of the match. Legia is the same as Warsaw and Raków Częstochow. In Belgium, he continued with his new tradition with this series. And the old habit of shouting at important moments. How many have there been? The Polish Cup finals, the league finals, the recent semi-final with Lechia Gdańsk, the successful matches with Legia … Although the situation is favorable for Kolejorz and everything seems to be under control, he fails in the end. There is no situation that cannot be ruined, there is no advantage that is not wasted. Like in a silly movie where the hero loses his balance on a banana peel on a straight street.

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Half an hour before the end of the match, Lech prevailed 1-0 and played to the advantage, ending in a 1: 2 defeat. Again. Not appropriate. Pure formality – if someone else expected a horrible exit from the Europa League team, they will forget. Time to gather the sleeves and save the league – there are twelve points from the leader. Lots given as a gift.

Lech starts thinking about the Poznań Premier League

And the line-up with Standard Liege proved that Lech Poznań’s change is shifting to league games. So far, the priority has been the Europa League performances – fascinating with Benfica Lisbon, the more sensible with the Rangers and finally the most complete against the Standards. In each of these matches, Dariusz Żuraw showed the strongest line-up, and the players – due to the popularity of these games and the popularity of their opponents – came out on the field concentrated and motivated. It was more difficult in the first league because it became a regular league, with holidays held almost every Thursday. The focus disappeared, the pace slowed down, and that was inevitable with the number of games Lech had to play from the start of the season, with each player in the league resting.

Piotr Lasyk did not score a penalty in the Krakow-Legia matchA clear position of the head of the Polish Football Association referees after the match between Krakow and Legia. Correcting the rules can help the judges

Contrary to what director Tomasz Rząsa said before TVP Sport’s Belgian match, the team does not have a broad and strong team to unite the match on three fronts. And the Standard Liege squad has only confirmed that. Bohdan Butko played with Alan Czerwiński on the right, while Thomas Rogne replaced Satka on Lubomir’s chronometer. This shows that the Kolejorze coach kept his main defenders to play against Lechi Gdask on Monday, and he simply could not afford to make any more changes because the difference between the main players and the reserved ones is too big. The changes in the second half revealed even more about the breadth of the Lech team: the wingers – Michał Skóras and Jan Sykora – were joined by side defenders – Alan Czerwiński and Wasyl Kraweć. Lech lacked freshness and dynamism and that allowed him to move up to the Europa League. And the goals he scored at the end of the match with Legia Warszawa, Raków Częstochowa and Standard are also not coming from nowhere. Concentration is one thing. Forces – the second.

A different match than Poznan

When Standard Liege arrived in Poznań three weeks ago, he found Lech offensive and offensive. After 22 minutes it was 2: 0, shortly after the Belgians would have to lose the left wing defender and another goal. Tymoteusz Puchacz was the scorer. Pedro Tiba played brilliantly in the middle, and Mikael Isha was always on the attack. Lech’s game might have really been liked, as freedom in attack was also a pretty strong defense. And Lech finished with a well-deserved 3: 1.

In Belgium, the players were the same, but the team was completely different. This time it was the rivals who took the initiative, held the ball longer and created more goal opportunities. Lech no longer seemed to want to win at all costs, and at the same time showed everyone around him that the Polish team could challenge rivals in stronger leagues and maintain their style against them. In the first half, Ishak didn’t get the ball, as it was very rare. But there was no pass from the Swede, as Kolejorz’s wings were theoretically the only ones in this match. Jan Sykora and Michał Kryształś played below their potential. By the way – After going to Poznan, the Czech never made a gesture. Jakub Moder, who has had the brightest star so far, has clearly faded in recent weeks and took a part of a second too late several times in this match. He lacked precision, and took advantage of his opponents and created dangerous situations. Bednar saved, sometimes his opponents failed to score. At the time.

The referee showed Oulare’s Lech the yellow card after a particularly nasty challenge. Unfortunately, only for a quarter of an hour

The delay is not lost. Lech should have played the advantage already in Poznan, but the referee, for reasons he knows, did not show Nicolas Gavory’s second yellow card. The referee signaled a penalty for the home side after 80 minutes, amid vocal protests from the visitors. The Belgian went to the locker room a minute earlier than the rest of the players. Dariusz Żuraw took advantage of the situation and immediately had a quarter of an hour to show the players how to use the best.

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It worked. The red card changed a lot more than the number: it was an impetus for Kolejorz to play braver, he played as an included goal. Suddenly, the midfielders woke up, the wing backs came into the game more bravely, there were actions for a contact, the Żuraw team sped up. The conclusions came quickly: after an hour it was 1-0 for Lech. After the action, in which it is not known who was more pleased – Puchacz, who “roulette” in the penalty area and some time later Isha gave his heel, or the Swede was first forced by the indefinite passage of one of the defenders, and then very consciously shut down yours. he got out of the action and didn’t touch the ball, knowing he was out of the game. But he was apparently out of the game, looking for the perfect position all the time. And when he found it, he hit a post that was closer. It was 1-0.

Never Ending Story

It is to be hoped that from now on Lech will play more easily – a goal advantage, a player advantage and a rival who would have to look bravely at all costs to keep the Europa League without a single point. But instead of Kolejorz’s clever play, there were stupid mistakes. Again. Again. As always, at an important time. Tuba easily lost the ball, the rest of the Lech players came back slowly, there was no right-wing defender at all, the rest were a mile apart. They easily took advantage of rivals. Two minutes later the tie was again. And although the Poznan team didn’t make their job difficult enough, a quarter of an hour before the end of the match, Djordje Crnomarkovic was shown a second yellow card for a tactical foul. Lech no longer had an advantage.

The final action of the match is fully set. Standard – like Raków or Legia – didn’t need virtuosity to score a second goal either. The cross, the head, Bednar furious, the rest broken. Lech lost. As usual, after mistakes that seem impossible to repeat in the next game. But Kolejorz has managed to do it for the third time in a row. It seems to be a problem that extends beyond the field.

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