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Bale and Ibrahimovi angry. Do the stars disappear from FIFY? We have the comment of sports lawyers

“Who makes money in my name and face. And it has been years, without my permission. Time will finally investigate,” Ibrahimovi wrote on Twitter, and was soon helped by Gareth Bale. “Interesting. What is FIFPro?” – Request and add the hashtag “#TimeToInvestigate”.

Which one or two of these players? He may be the manager of some of the greatest people in the profession. This allows us to think that both footballers will receive more rebellious players because the agents sense the chances of making money.

“We have the right to use the look of each lineup in the game”

EA Sports reacted quickly to the anger of the footballers. “We know the controversy over FIFA’s football licenses. We currently have contract rights to use the similarities of all the players in our game. We get these licenses directly from leagues, teams or players. We are working with FIFPro to create as many players as possible and the most genuine game.” reads EA Sports for Eurogamer.

EA Sports also mentioned Ibrahimovic and Bale directly. “In these cases, the image rights of our football players are granted through an agreement with AC Milan and through a close partnership with the Premier League in which the Tottenham players are involved.”

JarosThe action of this pole will go down in history! The commenter couldn’t believe it: Unbelievable

However, if Ibrahimovi or Bale decide to withdraw their image, it could be a dangerous precedent for the game’s producer. It has become clear that footballers have a right to do so – under certain conditions, of course.

– Even if a person gives permission to spread his image, he can in principle withdraw that permission – says Jakub Kubalski, a lawyer in the video game industry, a partner in the firm of SSW lawyers. And he adds: – The nature of the image arises as a personal right. Contracts often contain provisions on the consequences of the revocation of the contract, such as the obligation not to remove the permit to disseminate the image or the payment of heavy penalties in the contract.

Can Zlatan revoke permission to use the image?

Images of the Polish representatives were placed at the last FIFA under similar conditions.

– Publishers, of course, do not enter into individual contracts with players, but rather with leagues, clubs, national federations that collect player permits, on the basis of contracts or other legal title. This legal title can be an act – in Poland, for example, there is a law on sports, which gives the Polish sports association the exclusive right to use the images of players of uniform selection. According to the lawyer, the scope of this use is determined by the regulations of this association or of the international sports organization that operates in a particular sport, especially for economic purposes.

San Paolo Stadium - SSC Napoli Stadium, ktThe stadium is changing its name! Immediate reaction from the authorities

What happened then that Ibrahimov was not happy with the use of his image in the game?

According to EA, the image of the Swede came into play in the contract between the producer of the game and the club where the Swede plays, which is in Milan. What reason, then, to believe that the Italian club striker used his image in the game against his will?

– However, it is not ruled out that a link in the contracts between the player and the game publisher or producer may fail. It is likely that Ibrahimovi will not be happy with the way his image is presented – for example in the field of FIFA Ultimate Team statistics – which will deprive him of permission to disseminate his image – Jakub Kubalski comments.

Olivier Kahn paved the way

It’s not the first time in the game’s history. 18 years ago, Oliver Kahn had a similar claim to the founders of FIFA. Back then, however, it was the 2002 FIFA World Cup game, and the image of the Bayern goalkeeper appeared. EA Sports then obtained a license to use FIFPro and Bundesliga footballers. It was then seen that none of these organizations had the right then to cast their image.

Robert Kubica during the testSure! Robert Kubica returns to the F1 car. “Very happy”

As a result, a Hamburg court banned EA Sports from selling its games in Germany. Otherwise, its owners would have to impose a fine of PLN 250,000. euros, and an agreement will be reached with Oliver Kahn. This is also the main reason Kahn has not made himself an icon at FIFA, although no one has questioned him as one of the best and best first-ever goalkeepers ever.

Why is Bale angry at FIFPro?

First you have to answer the question posed by the Welsh wing man. FIFPro is the International Professional Football Federation, which brings together more than 60,000 footballers from 65 countries. EA Sports negotiates with him the image rights of thousands of football players every year. They are sold in relatively small quantities, as players are happy to find similarities in the game.

Maybe that’s the problem with selectors? Do they earn less than they could by negotiating their charges individually with the producer? This heralds serious times for EA Sports, which should further help in dealing with rights talks and managing footballers ’claims. It seems that FIFPro was the mediator in this matter and the footballers – the problem arose in the FIFPro line, which was picked up by Ibrahim and Bale.

So far, in addition to the two mentioned above, no top player has dared to pay attention to this issue. Perhaps their silence has in most cases been due to the negotiation of individual contracts, which has allowed them to make more money?

Players have complained about FIFA 21

Interestingly, many professional footballers this year were not happy with the statistics made in the last part of the FIFA series. First, Romelu Lukaku and Aymeric Laporte were among the underrated. Then, Diogo Jota, along with the Liverpool player, despite transferring from Wolverhampton, would not improve his ticket. “I think they were surprised when I moved to Liverpool.” They thought I was going to sleep in Wolverhampton and then they didn’t even bother to improve my ticket. I kept the statistics from last season, even though I was one of the top scorers in the Europa League. They didn’t even care, Diogo Jota told Einsteins TV.

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