Monday , January 18 2021

Banks continue to lower interest rates on deposits

Over the past month, six banks have decided to make further cuts in interest rates on deposits – according to the latest ranking of deposits and savings accounts. Even deposits that provide 2-3 percent. the percentage seems like a real treat. Even the “stars”.

Can’t make a worse deposit offer? It seems that banks are proving that it is possible for savers. In our November ranking, six organizations also decided to worsen their offerings.

At the same time, it is worth noting that we regularly review the best savings accounts and deposits in banks. Every month, we choose the ones we promise money for up to 12 months.

Security is key for us, so a deposit or savings account must be guaranteed by BFG. Although we accept offers that require the use of additional products (accounts, cards, and even insurance), your card or account is actively excluded or you avoid costs.

Therefore, deposits combined with other investment products (e.g., funds) are eliminated. Such “tandems” have recently been promoted by banks.

The best deposits available today allow you to earn 2-3%. year. Unfortunately, there are currently five such offers in banks.

Also, especially the deposits in the first places of our ranking – they are limited. The fact is, for example, that they are designed for new customers, thanks to which you can spend money for a certain period (for example, 3 months), we have an upper limit on the amount of attractive interest (for example, 10-20 thousand PLN), and we often need. set up an account with a bank, get a card and actively use these products to avoid fees. Therefore, it is worth reading the promotional regulations carefully to ensure that we will actually use the offer.

However, overcoming these misfortunes allows you to earn much more than what an annual statistical deposit offers. According to the latest NBP data, interest rates were only 0.1-0.2 percent. year.

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Therefore, it is not surprising that in recent months money has been taken out of bank deposits. Even before the epidemic (in February), we saved almost PLN 295 billion. Today, they are less than 75 billion euros. Suggested central bank calculations in late October.

This means that every fourth zloty was lost from deposits in eight months. We haven’t faced such dynamic changes since at least 1996 – since the NBP is collecting important data.

On the other hand, it invests capital in assets that provide a stronger return and provide better capital protection against inflation. It is about retail treasury bonds, the real estate market and investment funds.

In each of these directions, it has recently aimed to save billions of zlotys per month. Poles also invest smaller amounts, but still large amounts by buying gold or investing in the stock market on their own.

And in September and October the outflow of deposit capital slowed slightly (it fell below 10 billion a month), is still up and running, and is likely to continue.

It is backed by forecasts proposing to keep interest rates low and, on the other hand, inflation forecasts. The fact is that the rise in prices will not leave us in the near future, so there will be an opportunity to buy less and less capital stored in banks.

Bartosz Turek

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