Friday , November 27 2020

Cancel RTV subscription? There are new rules and … we will pay more [nowe przepisy – 22.11]

Even before the holidays, there was talk of canceling the RTV subscription. The TV fee would be charged in another way, for example, with the electricity bill. The new rules for canceling the subscription fee have not come into force, but … New fee rates for 2021 have appeared.

From 2021, RTV subscription rates will increase. You will have to pay a little more for your RTV subscription. Anyone with a radio or TV should pay for an RTV subscription. The subscription fee is charged once, how many receivers do we have.

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According to Poczta Polska, from 2021 we will pay the RTV subscription:

  • 1 month for a radio receiver – PLN 7.50 (if the subscriber pays a monthly fee, the 12-month fee will be PLN 90.00).
  • TV or TV and radio dish for 1 month – PLN 24.50 (if the subscriber pays a monthly fee, the 12-month fee will be PLN 294.00).
  • In addition, those who pay for the RTV subscription for the whole year by 25 January 2021 may receive a 10% discount.

RTV subscription 2021 – see discounts

Poczta Polska has announced that it will still be able to take advantage of the discount if we pay for the RTV subscription within a month. What will be the new rates?

We will pay PLN 47.50 with a 2 month discount for the use of TV or TV and radio set. With a 3-month discount, the fee will be PLN 70.60. If we pay the Rtv subscription in advance for six months, we will pay PLN 139.70. The 10-month fee will be PLN 234.80. And with a year-round discount of PLN 264.60.

Does the unpaid RTV subscription terminate the account assumed by the Treasury? Gazeta Wyborcza reported that these inconveniences have met their reader. According to reports, the tax offices take over the accounts of the pensioners and deduct the subscription to be charged to them, even if the pensioner does not use television. It is enough for the elderly to forget to register the recipient. If they ask us to pay for a pending RTV subscription, we can ask you to split the debt in installments.

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