Thursday , June 8 2023

Champions League: Wilfredo Leon's victory


The Wilfredo Leon team has won Sir Colussi Sicoma Perugia from victory to victory. After winning the Italian Premier League, the competition began at the Champions League team stage, and the Cuban pocket passport was one of the best players on the field.

Sir Colussi Sicoma defeated Perugia Dynamo Moscow 3: 0 (25:23, 27:25, 25:21) D team, and Arkas Izmir and Tours VB (0: 3) still play. It was not easy for coach coach Lorenzo Bernardi to win. The Russian team lasted for a long time in the second and third parties. Wilfredo Leon scored 18 points, Serb Aleksandar Atanasijev, known from the Plus Liga fields. One of the best players was Dynama Dick Kooy, who also played in our first league.

Match statistics:

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