Monday , November 29 2021

Coronavirus Polonian. Artur Zaczyński Director of the National Hospital Hospital on epidemics and temporary hospitals


While the situation is not under control, the decision to create temporary hospitals is correct, said Dr. Artur Zaczyński, director of the hospital at the National Stadium in Warsaw. He admitted that the epidemic situation in Poland is “not good” and that the situation is “very tense”.

The first temporary hospital in Poland was opened in early November at the National Stadium in Warsaw. Finally, 1,200 beds for COVID-19 patients need to be installed there. So far, there are hundreds and they are designed for patients who are in a “lighter condition”. The first patient arrived there on November 6th.

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Temporary hospitals should be established in all voivodeship. In total, 20 such organizations are being built across the country.

Beds at the National HospitalTVN24

Zaczyński: It’s not good. The situation is very tense

Dr. Artur Zaczyński, director of the National Hospital, was a guest on “Rozmowy Piasecki” on Tuesday on TVN24.

He admitted that the state of the Polish epidemic is “not good”. – Actually, there is a very, very tense situation. In mid-September, early October, we didn’t know which way the pandemic would take. Unfortunately, the disease curve went up – he said.

Zaczyński noted that the decision to create temporary hospitals that are “capable of taking on a share of the burden” while “not under state control” is a “good decision”. – If standard hospitals lack specialized beds or ventilator beds, the temporary hospital will take on the role of highly specialized hospitals with the option of performing procedures related to alternative ventilation – he explained.

Switching to this mode “depends on the efficiency of certified hospitals and beds.” – I talk to the voivodeship coordinator who coordinates the activities of emergency medical services and the effectiveness of hospitals on a daily basis. I have not heard of Zaczyński in a hospital that has reported a lack of continuity in the treatment of patients with chronovirus in the last 24 hours.

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