Friday , November 27 2020

Daniel Martyniuk again replied to Rafał Collins: “WHAT ARE YOU CHEATING NOW?”

Daniel Martyniuk for a long time he has worked tirelessly to maintain the image of the leading Polish celebrity. Son of the “King of the Disc Pole” and Danuta Martyniu “closed these killings” it has repeatedly surprised us with more jokes, one of which is more stupid. Some time earlier, however, parents had decided to teach their children a lesson and interrupted the constant flow of money. As a result, the young Martyniuk calmed down a bit and wanted to change his life … in the company of relaxation therapy children.

Recently Daniel Martyniuk he is especially active on social media, where he eagerly shares his life’s desires and happy moments with his beloved Faustina and recommends favorite songs to the audience. Recently, in his Insta Story, Daniel decided to comment on Saturday’s Fame MMA fight and subsequent fight Marcin Najman and Don Kasjo. The celebrity openly laughed at the situation, calling the fight “fixed”.


Hahaha, where is the real boxing? The security guards showed up a few minutes before the established service, and at the end you can see what is on the floor smiling, embarrassing (…). asked Martyniuk.

The evening was clearly still unimaginable for Daniel. Shortly afterwards, Martyniuk posted the screen of the interview Rafał Collins. It’s no secret that gentlemen don’t get along well. It all started when Collins, disgusted with Martyniu’s anecdotes of the young man, publicly called his behavior “pajacowaniem” and recommended it to the parents of the shameless celebrity apply to the foundation, which he directs with his brother. He also added that he believes Daniel is “not the type”.

Martyniuk was clearly offended by the comment from the motor enthusiast. So he decided to show his courage challenged Collins to a duel. Unfortunately, Rafal rejected his proposal.


Daniel seems to prove to the world that Collins was trying to convince him to really fight. Therefore, he published the content of their SMS interview and gave him a regular signature.

I didn’t want an invitation to fight – & nbspnapisał.

Daniel appears on the screen as Rafał Collins tried several times to contact the celebrity, explaining that he has “journalists in his head” and has received a “strange call” in his case. Martyniuk admitted then that he had also been in contact with a mysterious man and mentioned Collins. Rafał offered to call Daniel in 15 minutes.


At this point the conversation is interrupted in fact, Zenek’s son decided not to show the rest to the world. However, this did not stop the interlocutor from being accused of lying …

Now what, cheating? @rafalcollins. Show everyone what it is like. You set it in front of Cuba. Goodbye my dear friend – & nbspread in Daniel’s profile.

However, Martyniuk did not end his internet vendetta here. The celebrity also posted a record of another interview on Insta Story – & nbspthat togetherobuzy with advocate for discopoly group Bogumiłem Romanowskim. The man sent Daniel a recording of his Hot16 Challenge.


WI’ll send it when I’m with the computer, I’m not your employee, you’re pushing me to the bull wrote Romanowski.

Despite the promise, the video did not reach the successor to the king of New Year’s Eve concerts.

He never sent Borowi. Auto-correct in & nbspsobie. Lack of disagreement – & nbspczytamy na Story Martyniuka.

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