Sunday , September 26 2021

Demonstration in Warsaw. Police used tear gas. Barbara Nowacka among the victims

MP Małgorzata Tracz said Barbara Nowacka has already received support. “He’s already in charge of medical services,” he said.

Meanwhile, Radio ZET journalist Piotr Drabik posted a video on Twitter accompanied by MP Barbara Nowacka Michał Szczerba. The deputy explained to the official that he had hit her in the eye with gas, even though he was showing his parliamentary ID – at face height – he says in a video posted by Michał Szczerrabak. Parliamentarians who spoke to police asked Nowack if he needed medical help. He also reported that he was at the top of the trail because the agents were not using gas.

Warsaw protestWarsaw protest. It was written and sealed by police demonstrations cards

The victims also include a journalist from Halo Radio, the channel’s journalist added.

Women's strikeWarsaw protest. The Dmowskie Roundabout was renamed the Women’s Rights Roundabout

Protests for the defense of women’s rights after the abortion law was tightened

Protests for women’s rights were held on Saturday in many Polish cities on the 102nd anniversary of women’s electoral rights. Demonstrations have been taking place regularly since the Constitutional Court ruled in Poland that legal abortion is almost impossible.

Protests are also taking place in Gdañsk, Lodz, Szczecin, Katowice and Wroc³aw, among others.

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Women’s strike. These were the protests following the arrest of photojournalist Agata Grzybowska

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