Friday , November 27 2020

Disclosure of police names. Ziobro: I have been ordered by the prosecution to begin an investigation

– Ensuring the safety of the police, especially those who fight the most dangerous criminals, is a key issue. By putting their lives in danger, civil servants have the right to live without fear when they return home and to relatives. They and their families deserve a sense of security, especially offered by the state they serve, Ziobro wrote in a statement to the media on Sunday.

The Attorney General of Justice stressed that “this is why it is so surprising that Polish parliamentarians put their security at risk.”

Further protests were held in Warsaw on Wednesday in connection with the Constitutional Court’s ruling on anti-abortion rules. Demonstrations took place in front of the Sejm and TVP buildings in Powstańców Warszawy Square – a group of protesters gathered until midnight. Police used telescopic sticks and pepper spray.

On Thursday and Friday, various social media profiles began posting photos and personal data of police officers who were supposed to intervene against protesters on Wednesday’s women’s strike.

“Everyone takes the consequences”

– Keeps the names and addresses of the police secret to protect the world of criminals from revenge. Revealing their identity poses a direct risk of losing not only the act of ethics and morals, but also the health and life of civil servants. Ziobrok pointed out that their loved ones are also a serious threat.

He stressed that “disclosing the names and addresses of police officers is a crime.” – Forced to protect the Polish State police. Therefore, the Warsaw District Prosecutor’s Office ordered the initiation of criminal proceedings against all persons who made public the names and addresses of the officers, the head of the Ministry of Justice said in a statement.

He added that “freedom is a responsibility.” “No one is released and everyone suffers the consequences of their negligence,” he said.

Threats against police and their families

– We are aware and know that there are photos and names of police officers involved in activities related to ensuring the illegal reunion of women’s strikes on various social profiles, ”said Inspector Mariusz Ciarka, spokeswoman for Polsat News police chief.

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– Unfortunately, the behavior of the people who do this is very irresponsible as well as scandalous, especially when we are talking about parliamentarians who should be well aware of this, including the possibility of attacks on police and their relatives – said the KGP spokesman.

“Hejterskie Tickets”

On Friday, on Twitter, police posted a recording showing Left-wing MP Joanna Scheuring-Wielgus speaking aloud to the names of one of the officers who was present at Thursday’s meeting at the Warsaw District Court. Shortly afterwards, his police wife began receiving hate messages on Facebook.

“How big of a threat do haters have,” said the organizer of the Women’s Strike, said the organizer of the Women’s Strike. Meanwhile, the deputy on the spot, after obtaining the name and surname of the police, gives it to the protesters, “police said on Twitter. As he added,” the wife of a police officer on private Facebook has already started receiving hate speech. “

The deputy himself also mentioned KSP information on Twitter. “Beautiful manipulation by the Warsaw General Police. Why do you skip what happened before and why do I ask for the data? Luckily, it was recorded by TVN24, and the rest by me. Your police hit and beat the girl a moment earlier” – he wrote. “I apologize, and if not, we will meet in court,” he added.

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