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Early retirement. See who can take advantage of internship pensions [zasady – 27.11]

Can the retirement age change soon? Yes, but only for those who want to. In our country, work is being done to implement internship pensions.

The idea is supported by the President, and Solidarity attracts an important issue. What you need to see and design. Polish women could received a pension after working for 35 years, and the Poles five years later, respectively. This will reduce the retirement age in Poland. See what internship pensions are all about.

The government has just been rebuilt. The changed composition of the Council of Ministers, among other things, will work on next year’s budget.important for ordinary people and one of the issues that depends on the form of the budget is the regulation of pensions, The final settlement of the OFEs, the valuation of the pensions and, of course, other possible changes in the pension system, such as the incorporation of the retirement pension organization.

This solution is considered to complement the current pension system. Nowadays, as we know, in order to retire, for example, in addition to uniformed services, you must be at least 60 years old for a woman, 65 for a man.

New retirement age for volunteers. What is it about?

The idea of ​​changes in pensions and the introduction of occupational pensions is supported by “Solidarity”. Andrzej Duda mentioned internship pensions in an interview with “Wprost”. Pensions would depend on the length of service. There would be 35 for women and 40 for men.) Currently, in Poland, the minimum retirement age has been in force since 2017 (65 for men and 60 for women).

You can read more about internship pensions: >> Here << There are already two drafts about Sejm.

Andrzej Duda admitted in an interview with “Wprost” that including retirement pensions is not an easy task. These include the effectiveness of the ZUS and the future of the pension system.

Retirement pensions – An important postulate of solidarity

The media reported that the president’s revolutionary idea would mainly affect those who started working. A woman who worked for 20 years At the age of 55, he was able to retire!

According to the most debated variant, women can leave even after 35 years of work, while men can leave 40. However, the benefits of internships would be very low. The experts calculated the possible amounts for the “Fact” day. Browse the gallery below.

To make sense of “practice,” However, “Solidarity” wants to introduce an additional condition – the recipient must have a capital that will allow him to pay 120 percent at the end of the minimum pension.

Retirement pensions in 2021 – at least PLN 1,560

If they were in force today, the lowest retirement pension for a woman who has worked for 35 years would be PLN 1,440, for a man who has worked for 40 years, regardless of age.

On the other hand, if the lowest retirement pension rose to PLN 1,300 from 1 March 2021, the lowest retirement pension would be PLN 1,560 (after 35 years of service for women and after 40 years for men).

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