Monday , November 29 2021

Emma Corrin of “The Crown” is afraid to face the royal family: “HOW I COLLECT THEM, I WILL ESCAPE”


Serial Crown made its Netflix debut in 2016 and has since become very popular with fans of the British royal family. A few days ago, the fourth season of the production premiered on the platform, which caused a lot of uproar long before the premiere. All because the creators decided to portray a life surrounded by a cult Lady Dianywhile not straying from difficult issues. We can see in the section, among other things, how Di Di deals with bulimia. Conflicts, marital infidelities, and fierce competition for fame also appear.

It is not surprising that members of the royal family did not like this series, as it shows scenes Crown they have little to do with reality. Apparently William is furious because someone dares to gain his mother’s memory from this path. Harry, who recently won a contract with Netfliks, can’t say the same thing with a clear conscience …


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The character of Princess Diana is played by a 24-year-old Emma Corrinfor whom participation in & nbspserial can be a great career card. In a new interview GQ Hype they asked the actor what Diana’s sons would think of the show.

I can’t imagine this. I would like to know what they think – & nbspzdradziła.


However, he is not interested in gathering members of the royal family.

If I ever saw him at the party, I would probably run away! – & nbspdodała.

Emma lamented that she would only appear for one season of the session.

Damage. I’m sorry about that. But I keep going Corrin added.


In the coming seasons, Diana will replace the actress with Polish roots. Elizabeth Debicki.

You think William and & nbspHarry watched Season 4 Crown?


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