Friday , February 3 2023

Enter: Stores can not be sent to the offices


To change the ban on Sunday and holidays, amongst other things, stores may not be able to create post offices. – PiS MP Janusz Śniadek told PAP. On Tuesday, piS's deputies led to a draft amendment to limit trade on Sundays and holidays.

"A draft that is intended to be a postal office at Zabki stores," said Janusz Śniad, the PPS's representative of PPS. Commercial ban on Sundays and bank holidays is one of the few exceptions in the current law, post offices.

Śniadek also said that another change would be the owner, but that his family should be able to sell it on trading days.

As stated by the MP, the sketch also presents some modifications that define the previous definitions.

The draft for Parliament, on Sundays, and holidays, and other acts that limit trade, is not yet available in an electronic version, nor a print number.

In accordance with the law, when it came into effect on March 1, Sunday trading is only allowed on the first and last Sunday of each month of 2018 (with the exception of exceptions). As from January 1, 2019, provisions of the laws that restrict trade will be tightened on Sundays. The month of trading will be Sunday, the last one.

The Law provides a catalog of 32 exclusions. The ban is not applicable, such as baking, ice cream shops, liquid petrol stations, vases, press shops, post offices. In order to break the trade ban on Sundays, a thousand sentences will be imposed. PLN 100 thousand PLN, and the breaking of law – a penalty for the reduction of freedom.

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