Wednesday , January 20 2021

F1. Robert Kubica himself could not believe it. It returns the history of the “circle” of the pole

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Robert Kubica’s unforgettable classification at the famous Suzuka circuit in 2010. Then, in the third quarter, the Pole showed his tremendous journey, and he remembered that too. Renault sports director Alan Permane has returned to Kubica’s show and his body language.

Reluctant to avoid self-praise and reluctant to raise it, Kubica himself acknowledged that it was the best lap of his career.

And even a Polish driver, who said he had a lot of “wheels” behind him, arguably did a horrible thing a decade ago.

And it really was. Kubica’s career in the third part of qualifying for the Japanese Grand Prix race was unbelievable.

The pole showed an almost perfect trajectory, keeping the gas pedal pressed to the ground almost all the time. As a result, he finished fourth, but his imagination was something else: he improved by more than 8 tenths of a second compared to the previous vehicle. No other driver has come close to such advances.

Alan Permane, sporting director of the Renault team, who was driving the car at the time in Krakow, referred to the crazy ride he took on the Beyond the Grid podcast.

The British returned to these events, and described above all the reaction of the Pole himself, who was astonished at what had happened.

“He got out of the car and was completely pale. Everything was shaking and he said he couldn’t even talk, he just had to sit down and calm down. He had never done such a lap, he had never made such an effort on the lap. I don’t know or not. ” he was afraid of what he had done – admitted Perman, and his words refer to the portal

In the same broadcast, the Renault manager stated that Kubica was an extraordinary talent. Pearls like a polo are born out of a million.


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